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Anybody tried acupuncture

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Hi everybody has anyone tried acupuncture for pulsatile tinnitus . I've heard it can help but nervous of having needles stuck in me ..

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I tried acupuncture, didn't do anything for me, just emptied my pocket.

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Barbara-C in reply to youngbob

Oh dear that's not good. My Gp suggested acupuncture but what does she know when her advice was to have my hearing nerve cut to make ear deaf.Best wishes.

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Ruud1boy in reply to Barbara-C

Eh?? If a GP suggested that to me as a treatment for tinnitus, I'd be tempted to report them as being in a job fraudulently.

I have heard of acupuncture being effective for tinnitus in some isolated cases, but I wouldn't get your hopes up. I've had it done in the past for bad knees and elbows, but it didn't do anything for me. I work next door to a Chinese herbalist and acupuncture place & I'm frequently tempted to give it a go - what's the worst that can happen?

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Barbara-C in reply to Ruud1boy

Thank you ..

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Gaby_1 in reply to Ruud1boy

Hello, I went to a Chinese acupuncturist when my T started to see if he could help. He was very honest and said he didn’t think it would help. I had massage and acupuncture to relax Instead. I try to keep my blood pressure down and eat healthier. Now it comes and goes

I think the Pulsatile refers to disturbance in blood flow so on that basis I would recommend Acupuncture. I have had Tinnitus (not pulsatile) in one ear for a few months now and one of the things I tried was Acupuncture in combination with Chinese Herbs. The Chinese acupuncturist I saw in London explained how the needles improve overall blood circulation but it is the herbs over a long period of time coupled with the avoidance of Sugar, Alcohol etc. that lead to the body rebalancing itself and allowing the Tinnitus to die down. All of this is obviously scoffed at by ENT specialists who state that in 90% of cases it's a pure hearing loss problem and there is nothing to be done. I actually found the Acupuncture and Chinese herbs to help a lot. This may have coincided with the natural process of habituation but from my own experience I am glad I had Acupuncture. If you are going to try it I would advise you to get a good one who is recommended. You will probably need at least 6-8 sessions to notice any difference but if you are sure about your Tinnitus being of the Pulsatile variety, then if I was in your position I would definitely give it a go. Totally accept the fact that others found no relief so I can only tell you what I found, and that was that it helped.

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Barbara-C in reply to Gordon63

Thank you Gordon for your comments. I do have pulsatile tinnitus because I can hear my pulse in left ear which I believe happened after I damaged my neck. ENT specialist should have tinnitus for a few days then perhaps they would be more sympathetic. Take care.

Hello Valient. I gave it a go but it nothing for me. I do not wish to dismiss it as some people have had some success. I have had T for 18months and I have tried most things. I am open to giving everything a try in the hope that I strike gold and get lucky.

Good luck on your T journey.

Wishing you peace and quiet.


Thank you .i am having MRI scan this afternoon bit worried I have heard these can be noisy. Take care.

Hope it went well and that you get some answers,


Bless you thanks.

I would suggest that you try homeopathy for tinnitus.

Hi Valient, I had acupuncture years ago for back pain and it worked - together with the excellent hospital physiotherapist! The needles don't cause any pain or discomfort as they are so fine. If I had too much £ in my bank account, I would probably give it a go. However, I don't, so won't be spending on acupuncture! Each of us folk on this forum have our own types of tinnitus, and we all have to find our own ways to manage it - after reading through all the good advice on this forum and from the BTA.

Angela xx

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Barbara-C in reply to Angela-H

Thank you Angela x

My otolaryngologist recommended acupuncture. Said he saw it work when he spent some time in China. I tried 2 acupuncturists. Helped me relax but did nothing for the T. One of them trained in China and told me tinnitus is not very responsive to acupuncture. But it won’t hurt to try it, other than cost. I may try one more acupuncturist since nothing else is helping either.

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Barbara-C in reply to Elaine3

Thank you Elaine .

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richard56 in reply to Elaine3

Hi Elaine3,

Do you know if acupuncture is available through the NHS.

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Elaine3 in reply to richard56

I don't know - I live in Chicago! It is not covered by medical insurance here, even though it was ordered by my physician. They also do not cover hearing aids or any tinnitus relief devices.

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