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Return of an unwanted friend

Things were all wonderful for nearly a year but the darkness was always in the background just slowly sneaking back in. The weird thing was nothing had really changed yet I just slowly started feeling permanently low for no reason, the tinnitus just keeps nagging away leaving me with a very short fuse, in January thoughts of self harm crept into my mind but I stopped myself in time. I have been back on Prozac for a while but things are stable, just in a holding pattern waiting on the NHS, which can take an age. Life is a funny old thing, but how can you suddenly just start feeling low for basically no reason?

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Hang in there. I have been there. Realistically there is no one thing that works for everyone, so it's like building your own battle armour. I have a list on my fridge of 10 things that make my heart sing. Sometimes indulging in something you love can help to rebalance a little. Don't be hard on yourself, be kind. It's really tough when you are struggling and no one understands why or can take it away. Everyday I wake up with the expectation that it has all gone away.... And at the moment am constantly disappointed 😂😂.

Nicola 😀


Mood is a funny thing. I have my ups and downs with T. It is always there waiting to ambush me. I know that it is easy to say but focusing on positive things really helps. You have beat this so far so keep up the good fight. Hopefully the pills will give you a bit of resilience.

We in cyber land are all behind you sending positive vibes!!! We all know what it is like.

Wishing you well.



Staying positive is thankfully something that I have always been within me, even in the darkest of times, tinnitus took me to thoughts of suicide on more than one occasion, yet something deep within me pulled mr back from the brink. I generally get by pretty well on a day to day basis, yet this is only on the surface. When I am on holidays I am a different person, yet this soon changes back to a slightly troubled individual, sort of content but not truly at peace. Sorry if this id a bit deep but I have been doing too much thinking recently.


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