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Private tinnitus clinics

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Hello I am new to this forum. I have right sided tinnitus probably caused by an acoustic neuroma. I have had it for 9 years and generally cope but when I am low it just takes over as it is now and I struggle to get back on track. I am under my local NHS audiology dept and have a basic hearing aid in my right ear as my hearing has been damaged by the neuroma. I have never been offered white noise or any other masking techniques, and am lucky if I am seen every 6 months. Does anyone have any experience of the private tinnitus clinics? Also has anyone had any success with propranolol to stop the anxiety caused by tinnitus. Finally I am widowed and live alone so have no one to distract me!

Thank you

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Hello Heather,

I take propranolol 40 mg twice a day and yes it has helped me. I have pulsatile tinnitus along with a few other noises and at the beginning three years ago, when I was in a very dark place, I experienced a lot of anxiety and panic attacks.

Propranolol is just one of the things that helped me - also our local support group, counselling, becoming a member of the BTA, my hearing aids and this forum.

Hope this helps.

Love Lynne xx

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Heather06 in reply to Lynne-H

Thank you Lynne for replying, I was worried no one would!

I think I am being impatient as I have only taken 2 doses of the propranolol and only 10mg each. I am just scared of false hope and dark places! I think I need more advice on hearing aids, and some proper counselling. I live in the sticks and the nearest support group is about 50 miles away sadly. However I think this forum will be good.

I feel reassured and will persevere with the propranolol.

Love Heather xx

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Lynne-H in reply to Heather06

Yes Heather this forum is good and you will get lots of excellent advice on here.

Love Lynne xx

My T is different in that it was probably caused by loud noises and subsequent hearing loss but as you can read in my posts I was curious about private clinics for hearing aids (not for other types of treatment) and the board's consensus was private clinics weren't worth the money but I imagine 'your mileage may vary'. I went to my GP and due to the long referral time in my area I asked for a referral to Specsavers, which in some areas, like mine, accept NHS referrals. Personally, I couldn't be happier with their service. I had an appointment in a few days and they did a comprehensive hearing test and fitted me with NHS hearing aids the same day. Follow up appointments are easy to get and they seem knowledgeable. Of course, their knowledge of T is limited but they understand the affect that it has on people and how to adjust hearing aids to help. There willingness to experiment with different setting that could be adjusted in their office quickly was a great benefit to me. My experience with the NHS audiologist was pleasant but hurried. NHS referral to Specsavers, if you can get it, is the way to go for hearing aids. I hope you find help in your search for other forms treatment to deal with your T.

Hi Heather with regards to private tinnitus clinics a bargepole springs to mind i have looked into several and the costs for their so called treatment is extreme to say the least they offer nothing the NHS cant provide you will be far better off seeking advise and help through this forum you will find my fellow "T" sufferers more than happy to help you.

regards sammie888

Thank you tom and sammie. I feel very let down by my local NHS service, I have been under their tinnitus service for about 4 years and have never been offered anything other than a basic one volume hearing aid. I would love to try white, pink and any other noise in my hearing aid and had no idea such things existed. It is a year since my last appointment despite being on a 6 month follow up but they are so short staffed my appointment keeps being put forward. Also like now when I am having a crisis it would be a 6 week wait for an appointment I'm sure. I will phone my local Boots and Specsavers and see what they offer. You are right this forum has been very useful to me already.

Hi Heather ,

I too take Propanolol - 40mg up to 3 x a day and sometimes find this helpful. Sorry to hear of your experience with the NHS. Would it be possible for you to be referred to a different hospital.?I found had to do this in order to get access to more help. As with the helpful comments above also find this forum helpful and the BTA website, membership and their Take on Tinnitus. White Noise, Brown Noise and Pink Noise CD's are available from their shop. I also find a Sound Oasis machine very helpful with nature sounds and white noise etc on the different sound cards available for use with it.

Best Wishes

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