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Tinnitus Exocet Missile



The Exocet is a missile that can strike it's target without warning. Comes out of the blue to destroy the target. A bit like my T yesterday. No alcohol, no work, slept well, no spicy food, no unexpected loud noises but had a day from hell. The noise and intensity was horrendous. Was so glad when it came to bedtime and I could take a chill-pill and sleep.

Does anyone else out there experience these Exocet days without any reason?



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Yes every bloody day!!!

Funny old thing this life business. Hope that you get some peace at sometime.


You too!!

Yes .... usually it happens the day after I've had a stressful situation - like my brain wants to let me know that I need to stop and wait it out. The only thing to do is to relax.... knowing it will get better - at some point. It has been known to take two to three weeks to calm down ..... but I try and stay positive. 😩x

Yes Ade, it happens to me. I hate tinnitus being my boss. Angela xx

Having been on the wrong end of the real thing in life at least "T" is not that bad.

Angela-H in reply to London20

A real missile?! Xx

London20 in reply to Angela-H

Yes unfortunately a real one, in 1982 during the Falklands conflict

Angela-H in reply to London20

Hi London20, I would think that many who have served our country would have hearing damage. I have read George "Johnny" Johnson's autiobiography in which he mentions his "Lancaster ears" caused by his heroic hours in the aircraft. I also had the pleasure of meeting him during a visit to Scampton when we popped into the Petwood Hotel for a pot of tea.

Angela xx

Got me interested!!!


There no getting away from it its always there.

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