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Good evening, I had an appointment with my GP regarding Tinnitus in my L ear. She sent me for ear irrigation as there was a lot of wax in that ear, thinking that may be the cause plus I booked myself in for a hearing test at Boots. I got the hearing test this morning and the audiologist has said I need to go back to GP and be referred to ENT specialist as I have definite marked hearing loss in the L ear compared to the right and with having Tinnitus in just the one ear, it needs a specialist opinion. Needless to say I am upset and alarmed and of course googled !!! I cant get a GP appointment until the 26th but in the meantime I am staying off Dr google !!! I have just been reading through all the posts and the one thing that has stood out is the support given on here , its truly special. I have downloaded the App mentioned as well, as like everyone has found, night time and first thing in the morning is the worst for the T.

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Don't panic - keep busy.....and the Tinnitus will fit into the tapestry of sounds which we are still lucky enough to be able to hear - even the unwanted ones! You may well be offered just a white sound masker or, like me, hearing aids for minimal hearing loss which also have a masker. At night I sometimes use a Sound Oasis device which is very soothing.

Best of luck.

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Single sided tinnitus is always checked out, because there could be a physical cause behind it. Try not to be anxious - the chances of the more severe things "Dr Google" has found for you is very very small indeed!


Thanks so much, I'm lucky to have private health insurance so I am booked in to see a consultant this week. My GP was also very reassuring this morning .


That's good news. If in the meantime you have any questions, do ask!


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