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New tinnitus relief with Android application

Hi everyone,

I have developed an Android application that gives you a relief when your tinnitus occurs based on a thesis from Ulm University, Germany. This application requires you to concentrate on finding a positional sound so that you can distract yourself from the tinnitus. And by focusing on finding where the sound located, your auditory is stimulated too.

You can download the application from Google Play Store:

It is lightweight and easy to use, just a click and you can start practicing whenever the tinnitus annoys you.

A quick demo can be found on Youtube:

Visit my website if you need further information:

Let's try this application and give your comments so that I can make it better!

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Hi, I've just had a look at your app. First of all I would say it does seem to be a professional, well designed app. And thanks for making it free so hopefully you won't get barred from the forum for spamming even though this is your first post. I found the app quite original and novel. I can see that it would provide a fun distraction while you are playing it but naming it "Tinnitus Treatment" is overstating things I think. At first sight I can't see how it would give any long term benefit. The only criticism of the way the app plays is that it's fairly easy to locate the sound left to right but scrolling up or down doesn't make any difference to the sound and I had a lot of "Misses" as I hadn't selected the correct height.

So to sum up I would say that if you're having a bad T day then playing this app could possibly give you some temporary relief. Note that it requires the use of headphones though so keep the volume down.


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Hi John, thank you for your valuable comment. These problems will be fixed on the next version. I also get stuck in picking a name for the application. Could you please give me some advices?


Hi thachdo. Personally I'd avoid any names with the words Cure, Treatment or Therapy. The purpose of the app is to provide a distraction from your tinnitus sound, so how about "Tinnitus Relief". I don't think that would be overstating things. Wait and see what others think.



Thank John, this is name is pretty good.


I think even Tinnitus Relief is stretching things a bit. The app might occupy your mind for a minute or so, but I can't imagine any positive benefit would be realised beyond that. Maybe Tinnitus Exerciser?


Hi Ruud1boy,

Thanks for your idea, I will consider this name!


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