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additional symptoms!

Hi, I don't post here very often but I do try and read the posts. I have what feels like a muscle twitch in my left ear which I have had since childhood and has NEVER gone away. It fills my head with noise and drives me mad. I have now started wheezing and getting a "whistling " noise when I breath, mainly at night when laying down and along with that a strange "bubbling" "popping " sensation at the back of my nose which also fills my head with noise. It is very similar to eating popping candy. I am still waiting to see an ENT specialist but any advice in the meantime would be appreciated. I feel like I am going mad! (well madder than usual)

thanks in advance


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Hi Julie,

It could be down to a few problems.

Allergy,post nasil drip,sinus infection to list a few.

Try a extra pillow at night,allergy tablet,

Nasal spray off your doctor might help.

Love glynis


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