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driving me crazy !! after cold

I had a heavy cold December and bad at ache, dr advised ear infection and this cleared to leave me now with constant high itched noise in my left ear

it there all the time day and nght , should I go back to dr for referral to ENt and will they then be able to diagnose tinnitus

this is all from my cold and perhaps fluid left there dr advised

I'm so fed up with the high pitched sound

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I would go back see your doctor for another check up and maybe a hearing test.

Tinnitus after a cold can take a while to settle down.

You might find steam inhalation helpful or a mucous linctus to help clear your tubes .

Keep sound on around you in the day and at night and set it at night below your tinnitus.

Setting the sound below your tinnitus will help your brain works hard to focus on it and help your brains natural filter to ignore your tinnitus sound and will help in the day.

Keep posting for support....lots of love glynis


I've got Tinnitus but currently got a sinus infection too, which I'm sure is making my Tinnitus more volatile. Go to your Docs to get your ears looked at, it's probably just a result of congestion. Steve


It may hopefully just be lingering from your cold so give it a few more days but go back to your GP as you may need more anti biotics. Try using sound therapy if you cant sleep, some sort of back ground noise but not radio or tv. If you have a smart phone. White noise app is very good and free and use it with ear phones for short periods but dont have the volumn any louder than your tinnitus. Try not to get stressed as this will make it worse. Hope it settles down soon but if not dont be scared, yes it is an awlful affliction but you can learn to live with it for most of the time and it does inprove with time and you will get a lot of support on this forum.

Lesley x

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