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Unpredictable nature of tinnitus


I'm at the very early stages of getting to grips with my Tinnitus but one thing that really p****s me off about it is how unpredictable it is! It can be ok for a few days, then really intrusive but after doing some meditation and mindfulness exercises yesterday was great, and I even zoned out so much when I woke up in the night that I was able to consign my hissing to the background to the extent it wasn't noticeable....how happy was I! Hey, guess what, my chirping crickets are back when I woke up...pah! Unfortunately my crickets seem to resonate and actually get louder when I watch TV or radio, or am in a crowd of people. Ok, I've got a flu bug and temperature at the moment but no real congestion, so that could be behind it. How come I can be pretty much clear for one day and bad the next?

I guess we are all different but I'm finding meditation and mindfulness fairly helpful. (Free Headspace app on iTunes is worth downloading). Got audiology appointment later this week which hopefully will help straighten me out for Xmas.

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I have exactly the same issue -- I have had tinnitus for a year and mine will be loud for a couple of days and then quiet for a couple of days, back and forth, although if I am stressed about something or am ill it will be loud. I cannot find any connection with anything -- not what I eat, drink, how well I sleep, computer usage, the weather, allergies, exercise -- I have had numerous theories and none have panned out. It just seems to be arbitrary. At first it was very scary and it does still make me anxious at times but I am learning to live with it (although I curse at it occasionally). I should start meditating and see whether that helps.

Hi Abbierose, I'm working on the basis that the least amount of attention I pay it the better, hence meditation, although it's easier said than done. I mentioned to Glynis in a post that I wonder if I am kind of thinking it bad, even at a subconcious level? I need to sort out my sleep and stress, then I think I'll manage more efficiently. Cheers, Steve

I have definitely been thinking it bad ... guess I need to change my thinking about it. When it first started I thought I must have something terribly wrong with me, like a brain tumour or clogged arteries or something. At the time I was having a lot of anxiety so I was worried about my health in general. Now I have calmed down about that a bit but sometimes I wake up at night and think that the tinnitus is a symptom of something very serious. So, just living a day at a time as much as possible (that's all any of us has anyway). Cheers to you.


Hi Steve,

Tinnitus is a strange beast and has a mind of its own how it can change for no reason.

Over time you will get to know how your tinnitus reacts and find out one or two triggers.

You will also learn what gets you through the bad times and make the most of good days.

Always best try keep busy or keep sound on around you and keep your ears covered when in the cold and wind..

Sudafed can help clear mucous or steam inhalation and lots of fluids to stay hydrated.....lots of love glynis

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Thanks Glynis, I appreciate the feedback and advice. The thing is, apart from one night where I drank too much at a Xmas party and my T spiked, I really can't see any pattern at all other than I may be expecting it, (even at a subconscious level) hence paying it attention and for some weird physiological reason increasing stress and stoking it up. I don't know really. Anyway, I've been to a swimming gala this evening and despite my ears singing away, I've had a good time. Fingers crossed it settles down overnight 🙏🏻 😴Cheers, Steve

I'm told dehydration doesn't help - so drink plenty of water .... and if the seratonin levels are low, turkey will help replace ... or 5THR tablets(a natural form of seratonin from griffonia seeds, whatever they are,) - all good for lifting the spirits first thing in the day.

Hi Steve, hope you get answers at your audiology appointment - let us know how you get on. Love Angela xx

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