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Advice needed re sputum cultures


My consultant has thought for 2 or 3 years that I have a mycobacterium infection (NTM); the CT scans show progressive deterioration, I am aware my chest is not as good as it was a year ago and I produce more mid green sputum than I did a year ago with occasional haemoptysis. I have provided countless samples myself and via a bronchoscopy (and the bronchoscopy stirred things up so much I was admitted the very same day with a chest infection in December). But I heard yesterday that still nothing has grown from any of my samples. Does anyone here have an idea why they can't work out what is wrong with me? I'm beginning to wonder if I have something other than bronchiectasis and an NTM. All I know is that I am deteriorating and no one can/will do anything to help. Thanks for any suggestions.

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Hi, if you post on blf there are many people who have Bronchiectasis who can reply to your post. Hope this helps.

24cc in reply to Elaiworthy

Thanks. Will do.

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