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Children with colds


Am new to this site am really glad I've found it. I've not met anyone with Bronchiectasis despite having had it for around 12 years!

I needed some advice and was hoping someone can help.

My wife and I trying for a child, and we've heard from other parents how their kids are always picking up colds at reception/nursery/school. Whenever I get a cold it almost always leads to a chest infection. I was wondering how any parents on here cope (or coped) with a child with a cold. If we're successful, I can hardly avoid my child if he/she has a cold, like I would do with someone at work.

If you faced this issue I would appreciate any advice you may have :)

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You could always wear a face mask when the children are infectious! Keep hands very clean, all the usual advice really. None of us can avoid exposure completely. I just had someone cough all over me at the supermarket. When my daughter was at school there were particular times that she was more likely to pick things up (usually when starting back to school after a long break).


Thanks for your reply Rayswife :)


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