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My pulmonary doctor is really pushing to do a bronchoscopy. She wants to get a better, deeper sample of any mucus that may give her a better idea of infection etc. I do have some mucus plugging. It just bothers me because it is an invasive procedure. Has anyone had this done?

She suggested doing this even before she saw my more recent CT scan when my Bronchiectasis was still pretty mild.

I have an appointment with her tomorrow.

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yes i had the bronchoscopy in Nov. 2017

well it's a little different procedure cause they put two pipes through your nose which goes through your throat to the lungs .

one pipe is used to pick up the small piece of lung for further examination and other pipe there is small camera attached to it .

before putting pipe they numb(or any other word i don't know to put it better) your mouth with some spray so you won't feel anything .

i had it around 2pm and whole procedure was done in 15 minutes. but i felt weakness later whole day and little pain in the chest for few days and i could't properly speak till night. but everything went fine later i mean it didn't change anything.

it's not scary ,be cool and relaxed .

do share the experience when you had this .


I only had this done while under anaesetic for my mastectomy. I didn't know until after that they had done it.

Yes, my Dr. did a bronchial wash which is done by bronchoscopy. You won’t know it and it did help me. I would not hesitate to have it done. It will help her with prescribing the right meds.

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