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Recent diagnosis of Bronchiectasis

Hi all, new person here! Looking for some advice/reassurance form those of you who’ve had Bronchiectasis for some time...

I’m 27 years old and was diagnosed last April after being misdiagnosed with Asthma for 5 years previously. A bit unknown at the moment as to why I have Bronchiectasis as I’ve never suffered from any lung complaints in the past.

My reason for writing on here is that I’m struggling at the moment with managing my symptoms. My biggest problem is coughing and thick phlegm - which is happening pretty much constantly every day. It’s starting to affect my day-to-day life and of course the fatigue which comes because of this.

I currently nebulise saline twice a day as well as physiotherapy 1/2 time’s a day. I’ve had antibiotics in the past but am currently infection free according to my last test. (I’ve also trialed carbocisteine but suffered bad digestive side effects and no real positives.)

I feel the saline has helped but not feeling much benefit from the physiotherapy - does anyone else struggle with this?

Thanks in advance!

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Firstly, welcome to the group !

If your symptoms have changed / increased then it's time to se your GP or consultant.

Sadly, clearance techniques/physio are the mainstay of clearing your mucus. You say you do it once or twice a day, I would suggest twice a day every day. If stuff is coming off your chest keep going with your clearance rather than sticking to a time limit. Drink plenty of water to help keep the mucus thinner and easier to clear. Have a look on You Tube to ensure you are doing things correctly.

I often test clear of infection and yet my body is telling me otherwise, you need to discuss this with your doctor.

Like you I cough throughout the day and bring off mucus, it can be inconvenient and embarrassing at times. There's nothing to stop you doing some clearance during the day if you know you have, say, a presentation etc where you don't want to be coughing, your physio will need to show you suitable techniques you could do in the workplace/toilets if you haven't already been shown.

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Hi, thank you for your reply and warm welcome!

Sadly I’m having a bit of trouble with my GP and hospital consultant at the moment, lots of cancelled appointments and missing test results so not getting the help/answers I need at the mo.

Had a look on YouTube so have got a few extra tips there, thank you! I could definitely do with some techniques I could use in the day at work. Like you say it’s quite embarrassing to be coughing in a presentation!

Thanks again 🙂


Yeah, I'm having trouble with my consultant cancelling appts and not listening to my concerns. However my GP and Respiratory Physio have been great.


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