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How to get rid of water retention natuarlly

I have only the last couple of weeks since starting Azathiaprine getting bloatedness around rightside and I do look as though I am expecting. I have Furosemide 60mg a day but know I need something more. Is there anything I can do to help get rid of the water naturally by taking something? I am drinking loads of water but nothing happening.

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I assume you are on the Furosemide because your doctor has diagnosed you with ascites? I don't think the Azathioprine will have caused this, it's a known side effect of decompensated cirrhosis along with varices and portal hypertension you have mentioned previously.

I did know a lady who had ascites 17 years after a successful transplant her transplanted liver began to struggle. She consulted a qualified alternative practitioner who put her on a diet of zero salt and all she ate for a while was fish, spelt and coconut milk. Apparently it helped the fluid retention and improved her kidney function but it took many weeks to do this. She admitted it was a 'cranky' diet and I wouldn't recommend any drastic nutrition changes unless under supervision from a nutritionist.


My hubby - who has Cirrhosis with Portal Hypertension and varices through some form of auto-immune condition (as yet unnamed) is on little drug treatment for his condition - some Lactulose daily & Omeprazole for stomach acid. During his hospitalisation (a year ago today - not a happy anniversary!) he was put on a 1500ml a day fluid intake limit which has continued since then and his consultant is always happy that he shows no sign of ascites or oedema.


Try to take the salt out of your diet, during cooking or on your food, and check the ingredients of everything you buy, eg low salt options, unsalted butter etc. Use pepper or other seasonings to spice up your food. Also my consultant recommended as much time as possible lying down as this help you to pass the fluid naturally.

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