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Gilberts Syndrome?

Basically I am 21 got diagnosed in may 2012 after a big panic attack was told my bilirubin was 60 and all the doctor said is there s nothing to worry about no more tests are needed you look fit and healthy. Yes well since then had numerous headaches/migraines, nausea after certain meals, tested blood sugar was 4.2 which is pretty low but nothing extreme, always have cold hands /feet, had difficulty breathing thats under control now , everyday feeling more and more ill , i do feel depressed due to symptoms am feeling. am 21 i wanna be out there doing things going out with my girlfriend but instead am sitting inside as i feel too ill to go out. Anyone feeling better after certain vit's or herbs or anything?

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I've not got any magic answers, but have been recently diagnosed myself...i've read postive things about 'livatone plus' - got lots of liver friendly herbs in like milk thistle etc. anyway, i;ve just ordered some,, so waiting to try it and see. have a look on - loads of info on there. your blood sugar's ok at 4.2 (normal range is 3.5-7) i also always have cold hands and feet, don't know if that's related, and takes me longer to get over gp also said 'don't worry about it, no symptoms' but if you look on the british liver trust, or even nhs choices.. there are.

Anyway.. good luck and try the gilberts website x


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