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Terry's fingernails

Having overconsumed alcohol for the best part of six years (Albeit weekends only, with periods of abstinence stretching to seven months), I'd finally resolved various issues a year & quarter ago, my alcohol consumption dropping substantially

I'm fit and active, eat an excellant diet, though am two stones over weight.

And then suddenly my fingernails turned white four days ago. I'm assuming it could be related to a heavy dose of anti biotics a week earlier, which have well known "liver" side effects.

Does the "Terry Fingernails condition" resolve itself and within what sort of timescale? Or is this a deteriation of my livers condition?

I had managed to sort stuff out without seeking medical assistance, largely due to the fact that I cannot afford an employer to notice "alcohol abuse" on my medical history. But I have booked an appointment with my GP for this week

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