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Has anyone successfully claimed even low level DLA due to NAFLD?

I've recently been diagnosed with NAFLD and I am in constant discomfort and very exhausted most of the time (I am also a working single parent and carer to a disabled daughter). I am struggling to cope with everything due to my exhaustion and thought if I was successful in claiming even the lowest level of DLA it might enable me to 'buy in' some help with the heavier jobs around the house and garden that I can't manage any more.

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When I was looking into DLA to see if it would be appropriate for me post transplant, i was advised that the key test was if you could walk 'more than 50 yards unaided'. If you can't then I would go ahead and claim, if you can then look at the other aspects of the claim form to see if you could convince a panel in an interview , say, but do so with advice on the form filling from your local CAB or Unemployed Centre ( or equivalent ) either way.


There are 2 elements to DLA - personal care and mobility. I already get top rate for both for my disabled daughter. I know I wouldn't get the mobility element (which is the 50 yard test) for myself, but was wondering if there might be an argument for me getting some element of the personal care component. I can but try!

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Good luck - in a fair system you should do!


Hi the personal care element of dla is to do with looking after yourself i.e. nutruition, hygiene taking the correct medication. Given that you are caring for someone else this would weaken any application for that component for yourself. Have you applied for carer's allowance, as far as I am aware if you are looking after someone who is in receipt of middle or high care element is entitled to this. Contact dla and ask about this payment which is around 50 pounds whereas low rate care of dla is around 20 pounds. Hope this is of help.


Thanks - but I'm not eligible to claim Carer's Allowance as I work.


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