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I did this Hot Chocolate Bar in my kitchen last year and we all loved it, I've just set it out again ready for the long winter evenings. Such a good idea and gets away from the stereotype alcohol mad fest stuff at this time of year! Look on YouTube or Pintrest for hundreds of really good ideas to make your own. Happy decorating!

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Oh wow!!! Thats such a wonderful display and so so very festive indeed Ewife 😋.. amazing to have for visitors and no alcohol involved Thank you so much for sharing ❤

Hope things are OK at home

Linda x

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Ewife in reply to Millie09

Thank you,My husband seems a bit better this week, he has started to regulate himself a bit more, starts slow in the mornings and goes to bed very early each night. He is sleeping a lot though which does concern me a bit still. It's definitely quite a marked deterioration unfortunately.

I've been busy enjoying myself making the home all cosy and wintery!! Love doing this kind of thing - it's given me a lift, and everything looks nice too


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Millie09 in reply to Ewife

that's good though, I can understand it being a worry for you, and only natural but take one day at a time ..

I think its wonderful 😊.. your home 🏡 looking warm and cosy very cold it was early this morning, I don't sleep much during the night or day come to think of it. Very weird my sleeping pattern, some days I can sleep for England others I'm wide awake!

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Love this idea! Does anyone else do something similar? I would love to see everyone's ideas Trust10

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Ewife in reply to Trust10

Same I'd love to see others too 😁

I love it 🤎

Fabulous 😋

What is it about chocolate that makes us feel good? Can anything beat having chocolate melt on your tongue with all the sweet, velvety smooth luxurious flavour making us melt as it melts.

A nice cup of hot chocolate with a chocolate biscuit dunked in, just to make it start to warm up... heaven.

But, I'm type 2 so no lovely galaxy chocolate for me only diabetic which, is ok, but it is not galaxy or dairy milk :(

Where are the mini marshmallows? You must have those all on top going gooey :)


I love the gingerbread man with his little hat

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Ewife in reply to Gravy58

Marshmallows are tucked behind the gingerbread man 🧐😉

Love it! It looks like so much fun!


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