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Urinary retention with cirrhosis? Dad tells nurse he "can't pee"

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So my dad is in hospital for ascites infection. He has been there for over a week, some things are getting better but since a few days ago he calls me to tell me he can't pee. That they are checking him via ultrasound and can't figure it out. He has urine in is bladder and all he does is leak a little he cannot go. I talked to nurse she said "well, his bladder is just tired and muscles tired" but now looks like they might catheter him. Does anyone else have experience with this as a symptom?

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Where is your dad? How old is he? This has nothing to do with the ascites, he needs a urine catheter! I’m amazed that on seeing urine on u/sound that he was catheterised immediately.

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unfortunately my dad lives in the US, so its more complex there with healthcare. He called me yesterday and told me they will catheter him, so we will see how that goes, but I agree from the times he couldn't go and his supposed catheter it has been like 4 or 5 days, so it is worry some. I just have no idea what to think .. he is getting better or he is getting worse. When I asked the doctor, "can you tell me how bad his liver is, how may percent is it still working" he said " I cannot tell you the percentage but can tell you that for example his liver is not clotting his blood anymore and it is very thin" so....still I don't know what does that mean...hes got days, weeks, or months to live. ? so confusing this whole thing. I was my mums caretaker with lung cancer, so I know that once health declines it goes downhill...but I think with liver disease its very different, some people make recoveries. right?

Hopefully your Dad will get the treatment he needs. I wonder if you can speak with the doctor to clarify the plan with your Dad?

It is so difficult for everyone just now with limitations on visiting,

Take care,


I am not saying this is true for your Father, but the same was happening with my husband when he was in the high dependancy unit which is when they told me his kidneys were shutting down. Ask them the question.Is he in either ICU or high dependancy unit ?

It may be unrelated to his condition and may be his prostate? Make sure you ask the questions so you are fully aware of whats happening to your Father. It's all a little easier to cope with when you understand his illness and symptoms.

All the very best to you. It's hard going.

Laura x

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Not sure what unit, he has been moved so many times. I have talked to the nurses more than the doctors. They are doing a blood transfusion today...called me to tell me, said Hemoglobin is very low but did not say why. I also suspect the kidneys but they said his muscles are tired. He actually asked if it was his prostate they said no. But it all just continues to confuse me, in some ways he is getting better, but others he is worse - I guess this is just part of the disease.

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Does he have any heart conditions?

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not sure, but he does have low blood pressure

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How's your dad?

Check it out if you can. Heart conditions can cause inability to pee.

Best wishes

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I know when I was in hospital with ascites,they were monitoring my bladder with ultrasound. They said I had to pee a certain amount or I’d need a catheter. I soon pee’d. Hope you manage to get some answers,I know how tough that can be. Plenty of knowledge and support on here. All the best. 😊👍

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thanks for the info!

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