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Yellow eyes

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My parents noticed it about a 2 or 3 years ago saying my eyes looked yellow I’m only a teenager I’m going to the doctor in a few days but I researched yellow eyes and it says I’m going to die but I haven’t felt any symptoms for liver failure ever only the eyes seem to be yellow. My skin is always normal just the eyes I can see white in my eyes but under my eyelids and the sides of my eyes seem yellow please help me no want to die. Does this seem like a liver disease or anything major?

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Try not to look into into it too much, you are scaring yourself without a diagnosis, make an appointment with your GP tomorrow and discuss it with them, it could be something totally irrelevent. Keep us updated take care, how old are you if you dont mind me asking.

Older than 15 younger than 19

Sorry, I see it says a teenager

Yellowing of the eyes or jaundice is due to an elevation in bilirubin levels in your blood. Generally when this occurs in liver disease your eyes do not appear white with only yellow bits under the lids they are YELLOW and generally so is your skin tone.

Go to your doctors, explain your concerns and get some simple blood tests.

It is highly unlikely that you have severe liver disease so put that out of your mind and get tests done by your doctor.

The BLT who host this site often share this NHS link about jaundice and I think you will be comforted in seeing what actual jaundice looks like in comparison to your eyes.

For your own state of mind though I would go and see your doctor and get a simple set of liver bloods done.


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Oxygen234 in reply to AyrshireK

Can the white in eyes vary because mine sometimes appear not quite as brightly white as other people but they are white areas are white just not as bright

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AyrshireK in reply to Oxygen234

Go and see your doctor - a simple blood test will confirm or not.

Are your parents aware you have been googling yellow eyes and it says you are going to die?

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Oxygen234 in reply to laura53923

No but my dad does his own googling. But google always gives you the worst right

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laura53923 in reply to Oxygen234

Yes. Don't google ! The American sites will always tell you you are about to die and it's all rubbish. If you have to google only use the reputable sites such as NHS or the livertrust. Just don't worry

Your not going to die kid you will be ok just have a word with your doctor he or she will do a few blood tests and take it from there I'm sure you will be ok and definitely dont Google it's the worst thing you can do I done it I even went and paid for my own funeral lol my doctor told me to catch myself on goodluck you'll be fine

it sounds like gilberts syndrome , this happened to my son when he was really stressed , a blood test confirmed high bilirubin , so he had his bloods repeated and i assume all is ok now as doctor never rang back

Please don’t panic, see the dr, get your bloods done, sounds like mild jaundice which can be caused by lots of things. Let me know what you’re bloods say ( get a print out) and I’ll talk you through them. Worry will not help. Take care eat well, stay safe x

Do get that reassurance from your doctor. However, with jaundice you tend you find its the whole I that changes colour. In the extremities of the eye there are lots of blood vessels and it can in some people make those areas of the eye look a bit of a strange yellowy colour. The chances are that this is more likely the cause of your problem than liver disease. However, do get it checked out just to be on the safe side.

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Please do think about discussing your concerns about jaundice with your GP. They will be able to assess you and order any medical tests that you may need.

Also, just to let you know that the British Liver Trust information is for adults over 18.

We wish you well and hope your GP can help.

Best wishes.

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