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My eyes are they yellow


I'm 24 year old and I'm scared that I might have a cancer and I think I see some yellow in the white of my eyes

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Your eyes look fairly white to me hunny. Why would u think you have cancer? X

shinko47 in reply to Cashiee97

my right side feels swollen I got lower back pain I hope that I'm just having anxiety I'm waiting for a appointment at the clinic this week

Laura009 in reply to shinko47

If your eyes were yellow you wouldn't have to ask. It would be blatantly obvious. You only have to wait a few days for your appointment so please calm down and good luck

shinko47 in reply to Laura009

Thank you I'm really trying to stay calm today was the best day I had so far

Do you spend a lot of time starting at a computer? My eyes look very similar. Screen stress.

shinko47 in reply to Yarkis

Yes more then usuals since we are under lockdown here can leave my home from 20h00 to 5h00 so I passe the time on my computer

Yarkis in reply to shinko47

That'll do it. I suggest snagging a pair of blue light glasses from Amazon. They're cheap. Also helps to sit back from the monitor a few extra feet. They'll go back to normal with a bit of prevention.

Hi shinko. Your eyes are the same colour as a newborn lamb, nothing to worry you there. Nothing will kill you quicker than worrying! Honestly, I used to see what you are describing up to 10 years before my liver failed , when it was actually working perfectly fine but through selfishness and anxiety I drank it into oblivion and failure.

Leave the worrying until the tests are complete. When we have pain, most of the time it is a signal that something is not completely 100%.

But when it happens throughout your torso it is normally associated with muscle tightness or overstretching and we can do that at any time and be totally unaware that It has happened.

Please keep us up-to-date with your results

Best regards


shinko47 in reply to cammeag

Thank you for your reply I do expériences some chest pain but that probably due to my training routine it's really my stomach that is a bit swollen but that might be caused by the stress and anxiety will keep you guys undated once I get check out!



It is natural to feel anxious when something is not right with your body and googling just puts the brain into overdrive. Hope fully you will be reassured after your appointment.

Please could we politely ask (Community guidelines) that you don't post pictures or results on the forum, no one is qualified to interpret them - but your eyes do not look yellow....


shinko47 in reply to Trust5

Thank you! Yeah going on Google was probably the worst things I did haha

No Shinko there fine.

Absolutely not

When your eye's change colour due to liver issues it is very obvious. Im my case my eyes were orange. What followed within hours was yellow skin which you could almost see working it's way down my body as you looked. Perhaps mine was extreme but please try not to worry. Mine was from many years of drinking. You are still young. Good luck with everything. Please let us know how you go.

Laura009 in reply to Krista1

Yep. My husband was mustard yellow from head to toe inc his eyes and looked 30 years older than he actually was

Krista1 in reply to Laura009

I was really surprised because I always envisaged jaundice to be a particular shade. It was very scary either way.

Laura009 in reply to Krista1

It is. I went to the ward during his detox. I asked a nurse where Andy B was, she pointed to the room where 6 men were. His name was on the list outside so went in and walked around, several old men were asleep there but couldn't see my hubby. So l came out saw the nurse again and said sorry has he been moved hes definately not there. She said yes he is right hand side by the window. He opened his eyes and smiled at me. If he hadn't have recognised me l would never have known it was him. This awful colour, his beautiful wavy greying hair looked more like a brillo pad and he had aged 30 years. Oh the power of alcohol 💔

Krista1 in reply to Laura009

The power of alcohol. Absolutely. I lnow I'm lucky to be here but it doesn't mean it doesnt still threaten to grab me back into its clutches. I haven't commented much but have been lurking around since I was diagnosed with cirrhosis in 2017. I have followed your story and it's been sad to read. Im so sorry for the loss of your hubby but you are such an inspiration and always give invaluable advice. Thankyou ❤

Laura009 in reply to Krista1

Oh Krista thats so kind of you. Thankyou. Look after yourself, l'm so sorry for your diagnosis.. take care Xxxx

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