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Liver pain

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Was diagnosed with alcohol related liver disease a few months ago,had more than a couple of drinks over the festive period and now have liver pain. My question is will it settle down again by itself? Thanks in advance x

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The liver itself doesn't have pain receptors so technically you don't have liver pain, however, when your liver is inflamed it can become enlarged and stretch the Glisson's Capsule which is the membrane that surrounds the liver and this can be painful. The only treatment for this is to totally stop the attack on the liver, with a diagnosis of alcohol related liver disease you really need to stop drinking. Every single glass is like throwing petrol on a smouldering bonfire, the longer it goes on the more severe the damage to your liver will become. I see you posting on another thread about asking your hepatology department about pain killers - that isn't the answer as the pain killers also need to be processed through your struggling liver.You really need to reassess your relationship with alcohol NOW or cirrhosis will be almost inevitable and continuing to drink after being told you have alcohol related liver disease isn't going to endear you to your medical team & if transplant ever became necessary you wouldn't even be considered for assessment without a confirmed and proven long period of abstinence.


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Thankyou Katie,know that I've been idiotic and could kick myself!😕 I didn't know about glissons capsule and will do some reading about that,once again thankyou for your advice it's much appreciated! Take care x

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Hello Puggypip,

If your pain is persistent or worsening, please seek medical advice.

I have included a link to alcohol and liver disease for your information


Hi puggypip ,Happy new year and welcome to the group.

I have alcohol related cirrhosis, will be 13 yrs this June on my diagnosis,

May I ask why you decided to drink ? Was it due to the Xmas period? Or was it craving

As Katie said , you are literally killing any healthy cells left that are working in your liver with every gulp of that alcohol you take.

Really is not worth it ,

I had many blips, my biggest was losing my dad to secondary brain cancer after caring for him for 16 months, thing is I knew what I was doing, and really did not want to live anymore, it was only after 16 months of continuing drink that then my old ascites came back with a vengeance, oedema in both legs and ankles , the on going support of my sister whom was by my side and never judged me did I decide enough was enough.. I had to have cbt therapy for both severe anxiety and my mind set turned around to help me stop my relationship with booze.. I have now been sober 5 solid years, going through all Xmas and all birthdays and any celebration and holidays totally sober..

Not easy.. but I would not swap sobriety with a life of just that one drink ever again.

Please try and work out why you decided to drink, if you had seen some of the extremely poorly people in hospital like I have with liver issues it really would give you a massive wake up call

Good luck going forward.. if you need an ear 👂. You can always pm

Linda x

Linda, I wish you every happiness, continued health and peace. Your post was so heartfelt it resonated with me. Thankyou.

Hi braveheart Thank you so much for your kind words.

Bless you. Stay safe 🙏

Alcohol is such an insidious poison. I struggle too. Beyond the medical and health related changes we need to make, I think many of us need additional support to fully let go of the alcohol. Different things work for different people (counseling, AA, Smart Recovery, CBT, sober support, etc.) Feel free to DM me.

Hi guys am new to this site. It’s great to have support especially when your in limbo and waiting for further updates. I have recently been told I have chronic liver disease with significant fibrosis with a result of 13.6 kilopascals and require HCC surveillance and variceal surveillance. I have never been a drinker and always kept my weight down and ate healthy so in a way it was a shock to learn this. So I now stopping drinking alcohol for 5 months now. Anyway it appears I may have a genetic inherited condition called Alpha1 Antitrypsin Deficiency AAT which affects the lungs and liver my AAT level is 0.8 and my genotype is piMZ waiting for the consultant app this Wednesday so will know more. Has anybody heard about this condition ?

Hi Marleydog116, we have several forum members with Alpha 1 antitrypsin deficiency and family members of those with it too. If you have specific questions maybe start your own thread as your post might get lots in this one about liver pain.The British Liver Trust has a page with a downloadable factsheet about A1AD at:-


Yes good idea cheers

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