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Post recovery after liver biopsy

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Hi my name us Jayne, any info or advice would be appreciated. Had my liver biopsy done on NHS hospital last Thurs so near enough week ago. Since been home first few days bit pain & uncomfortable. Told from nurse on ward take paracetamol for first few days. She gave helpline number incase any problems or questions. After few days pain died down quite a bit. So started getting round doing little things indoors. Then yesterday was in lot pain so tried to call number nurse gave. But no answer so went threw hospital had it done. Eventually got nurse on phone who just said your first port of call should be your GP or 111. So contacted GP who after so many hours finally called to explain pain is like being stabbed in side. Plus died down & come on other day. She said on phone she thought sounds like I started moving around to early & dont do much for another few days. Plus carrying on taking paracetamol, she was going to issue co codemol or codeine but said its marked down on list my liver dont filter that out properly. So her advice for next few days take more time for liver to heal as could of bruised inside if started moving around after few days. Which conflicting advice I said as hospital said could. So she just said look out for any signs of redness or your stomach becomes swollen or temperature. Call her back as then could be infection. Or if pain does not die down in next few days after taking it easy. I suppose what I am asking is as anyone else had similar after days of biopsy? Also do you think if pain keeps happening should I keep taking paracetamol? Or just go to A&E in next day or so if dont stop? Sorry long note, but so fed up having this done & feeling like this. Thinking it be all okay after few days. Kind Regards Jayne x

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Hi where is pain I had it for several months after biopsy but it was on right hand side rib area

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Hi the pain is under my rib cage & side when plays up feels as if sharp stabbing pain. Several months you had pain? Can I ask did you get it checked out after all that time with pain? What did they say? I suppose I was expecting a few days of soreness bit pain for 3/4days. But not longer or for it to ease a bit, then pick up again out blue. Take Care Kind Regards Jayne

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confused71 in reply to JBullot66

I was checked but doctor couldnt find any problem so i didnt worry I didnt have any pain when they pressed all around the area

I had awful pain and breathing problems for at least 6 weeks. Idiot doc did catch my diaphragm with the needle so definitely made the pain worse but even when that had got better I still had discomfort around the area.

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JBullot66 in reply to bantam12

Thankyou for your response back just obviously was expected a few days or week of soreness & little pain. But not for it to ease a lot, then start up again. Just a question how did you know the Dr nicked your diaphragm? Did you go back to get it checked? Kind Regards Jayne

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bantam12 in reply to JBullot66

About 15 mins after he did the biopsy my BP crashed, I couldn't breath and was in agony and they all went into panic mode ! He said he must have caught my diaphragm on the way in. I was on Morphine for the rest of the day but just about ok to go home in the evening, the pain was massive and lasted ages so needless to say I won't be having another biopsy !!! Definitely get checked out if you still have unexplained pain, hopefully it's nothing that needs sorting.

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JBullot66 in reply to bantam12

Thanks for info, don't blame you not wanting another liver biopsy after your experience. To be honest dont think I will again after this. I will keep eye on it if dose'nt die down I will get it checked out. Regards Jayne

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Good morning JBullot66,

I am sorry to hear you have pain after your biopsy.

May I suggest you contact the helpline number you were given again ?

If the pain is persistent or worsening , I would also suggest you call NHS111 for further advice.

I hope you feel better soon,


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JBullot66 in reply to Trust9

Okay thankyou I will contact the GP or hospital if pain persists. Regards Jayne

I’m sorry to hear about your experience and pain. Am I correct in reading your Dr did the biopsy? I had mine done at hospital and I suggest you call your nearest hospital department where these biopsies take place and speak to the experience staff there who should give you the advice you really need. Hope this helps! Good luck and I hope you get the pain sorted out. Best wishes. Sorry , just realised you did had it at hospital! Keep asking pain advice!

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