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Hi I am over the moon today I have been told that my liver has completely repaired with no cirrohis it's news I never thought I would hear. My Dr confirmed it this morning after getting the full results from my consultant. IFor those of you that haven't read my previous messages I was very ill march 2019 and was in hospital for nearly ,4 weeks but have now been told this news. So Happy

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That’s good news I am lead to believe from consultants cirrhosis is irreversible if advanced, hope I get the same news one day.

Belleben in reply to Rugby50

That's what I thought but my GP read the letter out to me. My copy is in post so will have good read when it comes.

Belleben in reply to Rugby50

Looking back on my earlier letters it's says I had index presentation alcoholic hepatitis. Just waiting for my new letter hopefully today.

pugwas in reply to Belleben

That’s great news, congratulations. So looking back over your previous letters did they not actually say you had any cirrhosis?

Belleben in reply to pugwas

On my discharge letter it was mentioned but after that each letter has said index presentation alcohol hepatitis I'm a bit confused.

pugwas in reply to Belleben

Well you’ve done great, I’d be over the moon too.

Fantastic news congratulations


Awesome news!!!!

That is the best news I have heard this year. Congratulations

Brilliant news! ❤️❤️❤️

Well done for taking care of your liver and reversing the damage and great news it wasn't cirrhosis

( advanced)

Belleben in reply to Laura009

Hi I read the letter today and saw it says no cirrohis and my child Pugh is A. I looked back at previous letters from hospital and only the discharge one mentioned cirrohis all the others are saying index presentation alcohol hepatitis I am a bit confused. x

How lovely


We are delighted to read your positive news. We would still suggest its very important for you to be monitored. Keep us posted....:)

Belleben in reply to Trust1

Thank you. Yes I'm going to be having 6 monthly scans and blood tests. I been reading back on old hospital letters and it says it was index presentation alcohol hepatitis.

Belleben in reply to Trust1

I saw my letter today and it definitely says no cirrohis and that my child Pugh is A .

Wow!! That's fantastic news! I'm so pleased for you. Xxxx

Thats really good news well done what sort of diet are you on i want to know please😊

Belleben in reply to Everybod

Hi I try not to eat too much fat and avoid putting salt into food. I do also try not to have processed stuff. I love fruit & veg anyway so that's good. I do enjoy eating out and sometimes takeaways (Curry's). 😳 When I came out of hospital I had no appetite for quite a while but slowly it came back and now love my food.

Everybod in reply to Belleben

Im so pleased for you good to hear there is hope😊

Congratulations, it's like being born again, today is the first day in the rest of your life. Keep up the good work and don't let the good habits slip: Regards Fred

Congratulations that is wonderful news, a second start to the best years of your life. You were diagnosed and you dealt with it, good for you as it isn’t easy. Keep on looking after yourself so it never raises it ugly head again 😁

That is such good news and really shows that you can turn things round! you should be so proud of yourself🤗🥳. Thank you for sharing🙏🤣

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