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Update after A & E


Well they are keeping him in I am none them wiser yet they are doing more tests he is having a cat scan right now. As he said he had a cough, he hasn’t and themA&E doctor said he hasn’t coughed the whole time he was there they are going to swab him and he is going to a sort of holding ward then the gastro team will see him. Luckily I thought to ask about his meds and they didn’t have any Rifaximin so I said I can drop some off and could I drop off some more bits for him they said yes come in. When I get there they don’t want to let me in at all but they called the ward and let me go through but obviously I haven’t seen him. They suggested I call the ward about 5pm but I doubt there will be any answers they didn’t know the consultant he was under either which is worrying. When I get through I will find out if I can call him. I just want to know how he is but no one is telling me that.

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Hello Bs1524 wanted to wish you good luck I hope all goes well. may I ask what hospital you are dealing with,



Bs1524 in reply to Paderico

Grantham Hospital

AyrshireK in reply to Bs1524

Make sure (if you haven't already) that they know he is awaiting liver transplant assessment, if things are not looking good they should be looking at sending him on to the liver transplant unit instead of f*nnying about locally when they don't know what they are dealing with regarding Hepatic Encephalopathy etc. Push for him to get referred on and don't be fobbed off, sadly you are going into a weekend now but he needs to be at a liver unit a.s.a.p.


Bs1524 in reply to AyrshireK

Well I informed them last night the consultant he was under and that he was waiting for assessment for transplant. I informed the doctor on EAU this morning that he was under Dr James, she didactic know that?? And said it was useful to know she will update him. The gastro team are seeing him tomorrow. I will reiterate again the consultant and that he is waiting for,an appointment for assessment. How can they not know it should be in his notes. I despair it always feels as if you have to fight their system

mattymoo33 in reply to Bs1524

Hiya. I'm so sorry you're going through this. I'm also under Dr. James, have you tried to contact him?

I hope you get some answers today🤞.

Take care xxx

Bs1524 in reply to mattymoo33

Well to be honest Thursday evening in A&E I thought they would contact him automatically. Then I spoke to the Doctor Friday morning and she didn’t know about Dr James and she said she would update him but I have no way of knowing if she did. The hospital called this morning to say he hasn’t got Covid 19 although no one seemed bothered about me but anyhoo she did know if Dr James had been notified. I am going to,try calling his secretary at Grantham on Monday.

mattymoo33 in reply to Bs1524

Well, try to get some rest and something to eat. 😊

Bs1524 in reply to mattymoo33

Sorry typo that should say she didn’t know if Dr James had been notified.

Sods Law that it has to be a weekend! :-( :-( Is hubby showing any signs of improvement from yesterday?

I don’t know, I couldn’t see him and I have just been told he is having test. Oh yesterday morning the doctor I spoke to did tell me that he has cirrhosis of the liver 🙄

Hidden in reply to AyrshireK

Well said Katie! x

This has to be hell for you.

I tried to get in touch with my consultant today as have a little worry and all the secretary's are on out of office replies, it seems impossible to get through to any one.

All you can do is keep on pestering, It worries me that they dont have his drugs and allow you to supply them.

I there anyway you can get to his consultant and ask him to get involved and arrange a transfer

I will be hoping that it all looks better tomorrow. Katie is so right as usual, her knowledge is second to none


Bs1524 in reply to david5354

I wish I had had my wits about but I told them in A&E and again this morning in EAU it didn’t dawn on me to contact Dr James or at least get a message to him myself also I didn’t actually know what they were doing and still done fully.

I hope that he's doing a lot better today Pam and that the Grantham info has been sent through to the team at Queens Med.

Best wishes,


I am crossing everything but....

All crossed here for you both.

Sending lots of love ♥


I really feel for you. I've done my share of fighting and not being fobbed off over the years!! I hope he goes to the right place soon. Yes, listen to Katy, her knowledge is absolutely fantastic. Thinking of you. Love and hugs Lynne xxxx ❤️🤗🌈💜

Good to hear he is in hospital, that is very positive! In my opinion you need to push for him to be under the care of a Hepatologist, or when you can contact his Consultant via the PA to update them if you feel the hospital has not been able to do so! You will have valuable knowledge about his condition and although I appreciate the staff are very busy you need to be able to share that knowledge with them and both be able to ask questions. Write everything down if you need to!

I am sure he will get the care and support he needs!


Feeling for you both. I know how worrying this is for you, and we are all rooting for both of you. Keep positive. Andy. Xx

Right I have spoken to ward he is now on not managed to get a doctor but I spoke to one of the nursing staff who said that his calcium is ok when I queried it she said well upper end of normal but his potassium is low. I asked if Dr James has been updated and she said they have just been discussing that. They also have him on antibiotics. So not really any wiser.

Hi Pam,

presumably if he is in need of antibiotics then he should start improving in the next day or two. I had a bladder infection pre transplant and my brain was totally off the planet but antibiotics had me back to normality again after about 36 hours. At least he is on treatment and resting and not too long to Monday now when it will be easier to contact his specialist's secretary.

Try to get some rest yourself

Keep that chin up!

All the best.



Hi Pam

My fingers are crossed that things look slughtly brighter on the news front today!'

Will be thinking of you but in the meantime take care of yourself!

Love Trish x


Good morning Bs1524,

Sorry to hear of all you have been going through. It must be particularly difficult with visiting restricted. It must make you feel helpless.

I hope you manage to liaise with nursing or medical staff today. If this is proving difficult, you could ask for a telelphone appt and update?

Our nurse led helpline is also available Mon-Fri 10am -3pm on 0800 652 7330 if you would like to talk things through.

Take Care,



I have been thinking about you both and wondering if you have managed to get more information? Have managed to speak with secretary? Try and rest even if you can't sleep. Take care and stay safe. Love Lynne xx

Bs1524 in reply to Oldham65

I didn’t need to in the end they confirmed to Kevin that Dr James had been informed. The consultant on the ward works closely with Dr James and they share the secretary. I am not any the wiser on what happened other then he did have raised calcium and he also have very low potassium. Perhaps just a case of his liver struggling a bit. They were pleased that he recognised he wasn’t right. I know I was shocked he wanted to go to hospital he has a real phobia of them. The consultant on the ward had a chat with him about the assessment procedure so that was good for him. So he is home says he feels alright but looks dreadful (which of course I don’t say).

Thanks x

Laura009 in reply to Bs1524

Well Pam l think you are a little wiser in that they found raised calcium and reduced potassium both of which can be dangerous in cirrhosis so it was of great benefit again for hubby to have been in hospital. Hopefully this will hurry the transplant assessment along because his liver will continue to struggle and he will have his ups and downs and look very unwell until his transplant.

Laura x

Bs1524 in reply to Laura009

Hi Laura, thank you I had no idea of the significance of the calcium and the potassium. The consultant on the ward even said to Kevin your liver isn’t too bad. I don’t know if he was trying to be positive or not. I am crossing everything we hear something soon. x

Hi Pam. Glad that he is home again and at least feeling better than he was. Hopefully the episode in hospital will move things forward for him for transplant assessment.

All good wishes for you both.


Thanks Alf, let’s hope so 🤞

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