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Activia yogurts


Hi all

I’m ten months post transplant and had a few of the usual issues up to now mainly renal problems but seem to of turned a corner and have been feeling pretty good of late.

However last Thursday I stupidly had an activia yogurt ( yogurt containing supposedly good bacteria )for my dinner even after being told of food groups to avoid and live yogurt being one of them. Within three to four hours I was being violently ill and had severe diarrhoea subsequently losing a stone and a half over the weekend.

This lasted for 24 hours and I’d never been so ill. I don’t know if it was the live yogurt or something else I had eaten but I definitely won’t be eating them again just in case.

But since I’ve had so much pain from my spleen even more than before my TP. My stools are lighter my stomach is constantly rumbling. So as you could imagine I’m quite concerned. But I have an appointment next week at the QE Birmingham so need to wait till then but hope I’m better by then.

Rambled in enough so wish everyone on here all the best and hope you all have a lovely Christmas. Paul

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Norovirus, a common virus that is not related to the flu. Norovirus is the most common cause of vomiting and diarrhea, and foodborne illness.

Just a suggestion it's doing the rounds near us. Latest place is right where the polling is. Think we'll need a mask. 🤔

Hi Paul.

I have accidentally eaten live yogurts. I ate a pack of four over a few days before I realised.

I was ok. So either I was just very lucky or you have been suffering from a stomach upset from another source and then with the live yogurt on top of that it did you no favours.

Hope that you are completely over it soon.

All the best.


Hi Paul

I eat Activia yoghurts twice a day. No problems for me....Aren’t we meant to eat them? I know we aren’t meant to have “live” flu jabs but I don’t ever remember being told no live yoghurts.


They were on the list of no no's Milo! :-(

Really? Well I’m still here 😀. Well.....

I better stop then 😕

It's the bacteria that's the problem, like in blue cheese etc. If you've been having the yogurts for a year and been ok maybe you can continue to have them. Best to ask at your liver clinic though.

I have also been having loads of blue cheese......

I've been lusting after a piece of blue cheese for 15 months and you've been secretly scoffing it all that time????!!!!!!! :-( :-(


Can blue cheese cause umbilical hernias? 😀

Milo, stop trying to pass the buck!! :-) :-)

Laparoscopic Repair of Multiple Hernias "The Swiss Cheese ...

This is the term commonly used by physicians to describe an abdomen with many weak areas.😜

Unfortunately mine won’t be repaired like that - it’s too big 😕 - the incisional hernia I mean, the umbilical hernia is just in the middle - funnily enough the umbilical one is near the tummy button 😀😀😀😀😀.

Any news on when your op's to happen? Hopefully now after Christmas


Nope. You can imagine how long the waiting list time is though can’t you -my betting is on April 😀

Really, however if Boris wins.....🙄🙄

Whoops .... just briefly caught up on the latest election news after not watching or listening to any in months ... what a blummin mess👎 so nothing new!

Sorry guys .... anymore Actimel comments?

Which April though?


Miles, don't let them use the mesh. They used it for my inguinal hernia, and it regularly gives me jip. I think it moves about, and I do get funny looks when adjusting my groin to ease it🤣🤣🤣

I’m afraid there’s no alternative- it’s too big 😕

Oh dear david - sorry to hear that 😕

Make sure they anchor it well then with stitches.

Hmm I’ll try and remember that as I look down from above 😀😀

Incisive, on the button. 🤕

I too have an umbilical hernia ! 😁only eat small amounts of blue cheese once in awhile 👎

I was ok on them, Then I remembered that I shouldn't eat them and so stopped.

Thought I'd better not push my luck! :-(

I must have been having them for a year now! Can they cause incisional hernias 😀

Or broken backs :-) :-) :-)


They can make a mess of sheds...

Well - I didn’t know that filly until I just read one of your other posts from minutes ago 👎👎🙁🙁

To be clear, I haven't made a mess of my shed... :-)

Ohhh OK....umm I thought you were referring to mine. Yes I know it’s all me me me - I get it 😀👍

Yes, I was referring to your shed, that's why I clarified NOT IN MY SHED! Your Excellency...

Ahh you cheat you just made shed plural - I know I’ve sussed you out .





A wise man, early for Christmas...

Alright already filly, to which freddy comment is this referring to. I hate it when the comment doesn’t come straight after the post. Problems with this forum methinks!

YY U R , YY U B, I C U R YY 4 ME :-) :-)

Ha Ha Freddie, you'll start a food fight with all those abbreviations and no translations! :-)

Too wise you are, too wise you be. I see you are too wise for me :-) :-) :-)


I'll second that! :-)

Hey up freddy - found another activia in the fridge - and a man’s just got to do what a man’s got to do. It was nice....

Lucky u had no no no's half way up Staithes Hill. Running man.

No nos = do daas?

That would have speeded it up a tad :-) :-)

That's it, the need for speed you thought Activ..... they'll do four me.🙄

:-) :-) :-)

Should have gone straight for the six pack. That's my Gut feeling. 😜

🤣🤣🤣! Six Pack ! I like ......

Stumbled upon this posted article, Probs with Activia. 110 replies.

Like others on this blog my experience with Activia was miserable. :( A family member, who is a nurse, suggested I try it. I ate it two days in a row. I got horrible stomach cramps, bloating and had go to the bathroom within the hour. I could have sworn I had food poisoning. The second day was much worse than the first day. Why, oh why, I ask myself did I eat it that second day? I was in intense pain. I don't plan to be too graphic but let's just say I vomited AND I had liquid stool--I spent about an hour in the bathroom. I'm still feeling sick and crampy 48 hours later. I'm convinced this stuff has a hidden laxative in it that the company isn't telling us about. I've been on mega powerful doses of probiotics before for weeks on end and never had anything like this happen. 🤔

I love Activia 😀. But now freddy has spoilt my fun 😕

Mostly positive reports

Numbers of liver diseases in which probiotics may have a role in its management, these include: alcoholic liver disease (ALD), nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), hepatic encephalopathy, primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC), and hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC).

I haven’t got any of those... any more, thankfully.

Well Popel

Firstly, that's an awful lot of weight to have lost in such a short period of time and hope your now managing to regain some of that back again?

Your comment about Activia Yogurts has definately raised a few concerns with a few on here, me being one of them as I've been taking Activia for some time along with Actimel which to be honest has not harmed me as yet, however I'm not a recovering TP patient so wont have the same concerns as you guys, however I do have ongoing issues and it makes me wonder?

Finally good luck at QE next week and please keep us updated.

Love Trish x

who's been awake since 1.50am for the second night inless than a week! 👎

Hi popel - I’m not post to but have immunity issues post chemorad and autoimmune condition affecting liver. What Alf says resonates with me - that if you are fighting an infection (possibly that you are not even aware of) and then have a food that either deliberately or accidentally contains live bacteria, it can trigger a very strong reaction from your gut. It happened to me three times in past 6 hrs. Each time worse and lasting longer than the last. Stay hydrated and ask your doc about electrolytes for if it happens again. My recent episode lasted 4 days and as you say painful and scary. Even if you never eat the ‘wrong’ thing it can happen and best to be prepared how to respond. Sympathies!😓

Aha So that was that what was causing you all those problems you so eloquently described a while back?

That lovely icecream in Florence? Yes. Dire. I've just realised that it may even be why I am still getting pain!! Doh!

Oh me miserum - really - that’s unusual. What do docs say about it? It’s not good! How long ago was that..?

I'm seeing the surgeon on Tuesday! He'll shine a light on it for sure!! :-)


Hi ho ho. 🤣3 times in 6 YEARS! Not hours.

Oh just a small error then 😀

I have the rumblings still. And looking for a pair of kevlar dungarees, you know, that fabric designed for gas warfare... I don't think you mentioned that symptom :-)

in reply to Filistines

I got a pair of kevlar Motorcycle jeans for skids. The material specifically covers the hole area.😜

in reply to Ofeckman

No matter where we start, we sure know where we''ll end! :-)

in reply to Filistines

Australia ❓

KEVLAR is lightweight, impact resistant, abrasion resistant, heat resistant, and has great strength properties for the most demanding applications.🍑🤕

Surly moving to ordinary yogurt would be the way to go.....would you taste the difference?

That sounds a good idea GrannyDoll61!

Hi, sorry you have been so ill, I was told after the first 6 months you can eat what you want except grapefruit, pomegranate and Seville oranges, and to just follow normal food hygiene rules, very much doubt it was the yoghurt xxx

Glad to hear that. I was told I could eat anything- as long as it was in moderation. This was the dietician at QEHB...

You sure she didn't say "as long as it's not on the list of foods to avoid"...?

Actually I am sure 😀👍


Hi Paul,

We are sorry to read that you have been unwell. Your liver team will be able to clarify what you should eat and what to avoid.

In the meantime if you contiune feeling unwell it may be a good idea to see your own GP?

Keep us posted and get well soon


Hi Paul,

Wishing you a lovely Christmas too! Definitely coming up fast, like every year.

I had the same problem to a lesser extent with Activia and also a kombucha tea drink once. Their live cultures don't agree with my own obviously. Sorry to hear you got so sick, that is a lot of weight to lose all of a sudden. Surely you didn't need to lose any, isn't that always the way? Now just take it easy regaining, go slow on the Christmas biscuits and steer clear of the eggnog too.

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