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Liver transplant one month in

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Hi all just a quick update. Jason doing great. Just over one month in. He was out of hospital after 9 days. Bloods and liver function have been told is perfect. He’s a new man. Breathing good. He’s sleeping well now. We so thank the liver donor for this second chance in life. Never thought it would happen but it did. Anyone waiting your time will come

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It's a really good feeling isn't it ? We were in this position just over 3 years ago.xx

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Whitelock in reply to h0b0

Such a great feeling. Thank you xx

HI Whitelock. I'm so pleased for you both. I know that post transplant it's so hard to find the right words to express just how very grateful we are feeling. I thank my lucky stars, the medical staff expertise and my donor every single day. May Jason go from strength to strength. Very best wishes to you. Alf

Thank you xx

Hi there.glad he’s doing so well it’s a euphoric feeling and your so right that people who are waiting their time will come. You’ve just got to remain positive.i had mine in February and apart from foolishly lifting a pack of water and ending up with a incisional hernia I’m doing always good to hear that someone is doing great.wish you both well.paul

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Whitelock in reply to Popel

Thank you xx

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I'm so pleased your hubby is doing well, I'm so happy for you both. Love and hugs to you both Lynne xxxx

Thank you xx

Well done Jason, and well done you!! It is most definitely a trying time with emotions bouncing all over the place. Still work to do, but by god it’s a great feeling, isn’t it. Thank the donor family every day!!

Take care, both of you. Andy.

That's great to hear.

I have been up 3 times now but still waiting. Good luck with everything Jason.

Great news, I am 14 months post and realise it only get better the as time goes by.

Dont do to much to soon!

The emotions still get to me and will cry if pushed, if I think about it all

But well done both of you


Must be doing well to be out in 9 days. Think it took me about 3 weeks to be sent home. 9 days in I think I was still out of breath from walking from my bed to the end of the ward.

Onwards and upwards.

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Whitelock in reply to PeterP54

Thanks exactly

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Popel in reply to PeterP54

Hi there you’ve brought back the memory of walking the ward for me. I think I was doubled over like some 90 year old at nine days as I was to scared to straighten up.😬

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So happy for you and Jason. Xxx Jaycee

Thank you

That’s super news. 👍👍, Hope you BOTH go from strength to strength!

Good luck


Great stuff! On the up and up! Lovely to hear your great news.

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