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Consultant: “no offence but I don’t want to see you for at least a year”!

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I’ve not posted for a while but wanted to share some hopefully inspiring news for anyone who needs a boost or just wanted to hear some positive news, this is such a supportive group and I would’ve been lost without it especially in my early days when I felt like I knew nothing and was feeling very alone, so thanks to all those who helped both directly and also by sharing their journeys, highs and lows.

I had my third post-hospital appointment with my consultant a couple of weeks ago which was pretty short but very encouraging. At one point the nurse interrupted and said “I’m sorry but this is starting to sound like an M&S ad!” which made us all laugh.

In a nutshell, my latest blood tests were normal - and my most recent scan showed a ‘normal’ looking liver and I couldn’t score any better on the Child Pugh. My consultant seemed as elated as me which was so encouraging and made me feel like a human not a number. Considering the malnourished, Homer Simpson looking, ascites swollen “specimen that was presented to him in March last year” (his words not mine) this was remarkable progress which is why he said “no offence but I don’t really want to see you again but I’ll have to see you in a year...” but obviously he did say to report any changes and that he would see me if needs be - and that apart from to keep doing what I’m doing, that was it!

Guarantee most of this was giving up booze which just gets better and better anyway and eating healthily. Now I’ve got more energy and just feel so much happier without any poisons in my body.

Thanks for reading if you got this far and wishing everyone really well. Happy to help with words of advice or encouragement at any time.


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Fantastic news and thanks for posting. Everyone loves to read a success story :-) :-) Congratulations for this achievement made by all the work that you have put in over the past year. It's a really inspirational story. Power to your elbow!! Very best wishes for the future. Alf :-)

Thanks so much, Alf. Other people’s positive stories really, really helped me through some horribly dark times so I felt it important to share - it’s a horrendous disease in that there’s no two cases the same, no guarantees and nothing is very clear. I feel very lucky indeed - and lucky that I’ve had such brilliant medical staff on my side - and it felt, like my consultant especially, was always rooting for me. It does help. Wishing you all the best too. Xx

Thats brought a lump to my throat .... very very well done. Obviously with the hard work you've put in yourself, the great care and good relationship you've had with the medics has worked well. Long may it continue❣ Laura


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What a lovely response. I may have said it before but your story always made me sob - just so heartbreaking but you’ve always been so amazingly strong and exceptionally kind to others and your presence on here really matters to lots of us - so a big thanks from me to you 💕 xx

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Bless your heart. Reading that makes me so glad I have shared with you what happened to my husband. At least losing him and reading other people's experiences, has helped you and hopefully many more, fight alcohol and recover and face a happy healthier future. It's of great comfort to me .

Huge hug and lots of love

Xx Laura 💖

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Thank you for posting your positive story.

Warm wishes


Hi - I have thought about you over the months - you were very encouraging when I first joined this board so I am thrilled to see your excellent news! What a relief for you. Hope your year continues without incident & you can enjoy your healthy lifestyle x

Thank you so much. Such lovely souls on here - sending lots of positivity to you and your hubby 💕 I’ll still be sticking around so I’ll keep you posted xx

A lovely motivational story! I know me giving up alcohol is helping me along massively. I was in a cab yesterday and the taxi driver said he was so pleased I was looking much better after being so jaundiced weeks ago. I had only ever seen him once before. The lovely human spirit in action ! it made my night. Thanks for sharing!

It’s amazing how many people didn’t tell me how bad I looked when I first got ill but as soon as I started looking like myself again, it all came out. My favourite comment was from one of my best friends who exclaimed “even your nose looked thin” 🤣

You have a very observant cabbie I must say.

Thanks for replying and wishing you all the very best on your journey.

I can relate to that. Since my transplant people keep telling me what a good colour I am :-) It's only when look at photo's of me from about a year ago that I realise how really ill I looked , but people understandably kept their remarks to themselves then. Just as well ! :-)

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Ditto here freddy and health! I think it happens so gradually that you don’t see the change day by day but those that don’t see your face every day, apart from being lucky 😁, spot the difference more readily. (By your I mean mine!)

Fantastic news so pleased for you! Amazing what a healthy lifestyle can do and great to hear your positive story. All the best Owlie

Thanks for the support, Owlie - the lifestyle changes definitely saved me. Wishing you all the best also 😊

Excellent news!! Well you know you need to forget Tesco and go up market from now!! Good on you, you’re right such a positive group. Makes the world of difference!!

Keep up the excellent work.

Thanks so much - definitely upgrading to M&S now 🤣 and you’re so right - really has made a world of difference - there’s some fantastic people on here - many I’d like to meet in real life!

This is fantastic news and although I lost my other half last week it is so encouraging to hear these lovely positive stories. I hope this is the beginning if a healthy and happy future. Wishing you all the love in the world xxx

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Such a sad story livewell, but so very kind of you to come on here at this time and comment so positively.

I am so, so sorry to hear your sad news and in awe of you for being able to be so kind to others at such a hard time. I lost my dad over a year ago and I couldn’t face the world for a long time (got diagnosed with this just weeks after his passing - a hideous time) but I try and do what I think he’d like. Your reply means a lot - you’re so brave and thank you. Lots of love and strength back to you and I hope your pain eases over time xxx

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I'm so sad for you livewell69. You are an inspiration to us all, coming on here only a week after losing your husband. Sending lots of loving hugs to you Lynne xxxx

That is truly fantastic news! Well done you!


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Cheers Miles - your sense of humour keeps us all going - you’ve been very valuable to me!

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😊 Thanks 😊 Don’t think my wife would agree about my SOH though 😁...

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We have the same problem in our house 😉

I’m so happy to read this! Sending you love and congratulations! 😘⭐️👏👏👏

So kind of you and so pleased this post has made a few people smile - wishing you well and a happy weekend 😊

So pleased for you well done great news 🎉🎂👍

Thank you so much 😊

Fantastic well done, very pleased for you 😊

Thank you 🙏so much 😌


I'm so pleased for you, you have done so well. Love and hugs Lynne xxxx

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Ah thanks Lynne, that’s so kind. I hope you are doing ok and wishing you all the best. Big hug 🤗 xxx

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Thank you so much. Love and hugs Lynne xxxx

Hi Health_matters1977.

What great news for you!!

Congratulations on doing so well!

Best wishes,


Thanks Mary! You’re also one of the first people I remember encouraging me. I hope you are doing well - really lovely to hear from you 🤗


Thank you for your kind words. We are doing well.

It is lovely to hear from you and with such good news, too.


Hi, I saw this post yesterday and decided to read through your past posts tonight while I wait on chickpeas to get done for the freezer.

Well done and amazing news from the doctor! Your story is inspiring and gives me lots of hope for my fiancé. I know we don’t know each other but I am really just so happy for you! To good health! ♥️

What a lovely message to read! It’s been quite a journey - but nothing compared to some others’ on here. I really do wish your fiancé well, I know what a shock it was for me so I was very happy to find this supportive safe place where everyone understands. Thank you and here’s to good health for you and yours xxx

That's just fab news, well done, it truly gives out hope to us all, stay safe, take care x 😊

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