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Sobriety after transplant


Hi everyone

I was diagnosed with cirrhosis caused by a long term Hep B & D coinfection in January last year followed by a full liver transplant last December. My last drink was in august last year. I was never a big drinker but enjoyed a social drink like most people. I was not aware of my Hepatitis infection until 2 years ago.

Thankfully the transplant went through with no serious complications.

It was easy staying off drinking in the 6 months leading up to the transplant and the 6 months after. Now I get occasional cravings and although never given in, I'm getting angry with myself as after everything my family and I went through last thing I would want to do, is make things worse for us. More importantly, I feel it's disrespectful to my donor's memory even thinking about drinking. I asked at the liver clinic if I could ever drink again and was told I could have literally a couple a year.

Anyone else going or has gone through a similar situation and how did you deal with it?


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I had through pcos I gave up drinking over 5 years ago. And as I didn't get through alcohol I was informed I could drink after transplantation. In the last year I have had four evenings where I have enjoyed a couple of glasses of wine. Don't feel guilty if you didn't get through alcohol I am positive your donor would want you darling enjoy your life and if that involves doing things in moderation then that's all that matters the more we deny ourselves of something you usually wanted it more unless obviously we had a problem with it beforehand so enjoy yourself xxx



Congratulations on your one year post trans.

I drank before my transplant though that wasn't the indication for transplant. I also smoked. I was told don't worry we wont hold that against you (that isn't the case now) and I certainly did! I am fortunate in that I chose to and didn't feel compelled to. Hell I knew I was going to die!

I'm sure everyone had the talk before with coordinators etc about the importance of a healthy lifestyle.. diet, weight , . I certainly did and after transplant.

The biggest problem I found long term is maintaining weight, regular blood pressure, diet, exercise or to put it in one staying alive and as healthy as you can.

The long term use of Tacrolimus has its pitfalls and of course it keeps us alive. Without a shadow of a doubt Tacrolimus puts a strain on our bodies. It can lead to raised blood pressure, kidney problems, diabetes problems and other issues. I rarely sleep longer than a continuous 4 hours during the night.

Over these years I


Sorry for some reason my pc decided to post while I was typing!!!!

I was going to say over the years I have watched my results for weight, BP. and blood tests carefully. My blood sugar levels have raised that's why diet is important and alcohol doesn't help.

My blood pressure has raised and now stable with Amlopidine.

My weight rose and now I've got it back down.

So what I am trying to say is why bother drinking if you can choose not to like me.

I don't drink alcohol because I choose not to, I take regular exercise to stay fit, I don't eat simple carb excessively including alcohol.

I am not condemning people who drink I am saying for me I want to protect my body.

A year post trans is nothing, its once you start to hit 5,6, on.

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I totally agree with what you're saying and the reason I asked was to see if anyone had any suggestions on how to keep my mind off thinking about having a drink. I have the kind of personality where I always need some kind of stimulation, be it from sex, adrenaline from training or having a drink, otherwise I tend to get bored.

I'll have a word with my GP perhaps he can suggest some sort of therapy for me.

All the best


Thanks for reply.

Fill your time with things you enjoy. Dont overdo anything physical due to that major op which can still lead to incisional hernia. Find out if your hospital has any links to groups etc. Follow this site and help others.

I took retirement when I found out I was so ill prior to tx. It is hard,but isnt it great to know youll probaby still be alive next month,next year and so on.

Enjoy your new life.

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