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Hi all.

Anyone else have this constant issue? It's like yellow water.. sorry for gory details. Had it constant for last week. Maybe the lactulose is causing it? I'm drinking lots of water as I know that's important when having frequent loose stools. Only 10 days until I see consultant.. appetite still good but nausea is creeping in everyday now. Worsened forgetfulness and concentration. Feel lost.. ahh

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Hi ktan49

If you have constant diarrhoea you may want to consider going to your GP's for assessment to make sure you have not got an infection, and also, so they can check you are not dehydrated.

You could also discuss your other symptoms with them at the same time.

Good luck

Best wishes


I just got over a spell of the same thing. It lasted for a couple weeks. I had to submit about 8 tubes of stool to the lab. I have not gotten my results. I, too, have a lot of nausea from time to time, and my doctor thinks it's a lot of my medications. I have been spacing my meds out during the day instead of taking them all at once and that has helped. I do recall, before I got that bout of diarrhea that I had a lot of eggnog (without the alcohol) so that's a LOT of lactulose. You could be lactulose intolerant. Try spreading your meds out, and eating a little something so you don't take your pills on an empty stomach. Good luck. Keep us posted.

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I was getting it alot. My consultant sent me for a colonoscopy, the prep didn't work properly so I've got to discuss it with him in February. Oh, what joy!!! Take care Lynne

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Oh, I just went for my colonoscopy and EGD and the prep was awful. I could hardly keep it down. I used the Move-Prep and it wasn't as bad as some, plus it's better on the kidneys than some of the other stuff. Good luck with that!!!

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Thank you. The colonoscopy hurt cos I'm so tender. I really hope he doesn't want me to have another one!!! Take care. Love and hugs Lynne xxxx

Hi ktan49,

My husband hasn't mentioned this so I have no good advice for you, sorry.

I do think it would help to call your regular doctor about your diarrhea in case it is not related to your liver disease.

I will let you know my concerns regarding his lactulose. For me I'm always suggesting he eat more bulk since the lactulose is supposed to aid in keeping ammonia out of the blood stream and one's mind more clear.

Have you tried having the occasional banana to help "bind" things up a bit? Perhaps cut back a tiny bit on the water and see how things go

Please give your doctor a call and let him know this is going on as your doctor knows you and your condition best and can provide the best advice.

Best wishes,


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