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Dry January makes you dull?!!

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I watch health unlocked on channel 4 which was a diet special. One of the presenters stopped drinking for a month but made heavy weather of it. He kept moaning that not drinking made him dull and he had a really heavy drinking session one weekend. I have never really been a drinker but I would have a couple of cocktails whilst we were on a cruise or prosecco at a function so I do miss having the choice to have a drink or not. Personally I find drunks much more dull than non drinkers.

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I had a port & lemonade on new years eve,the next day I regretted it as I felt weird & wonder if I harmed my new liver.... I think my new years resolution is to stop liking the odd drink of alchohol especially port.

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I watched that and I was shocked at his attitude!! I used to drink and don't miss in the slightest and I laugh at people getting pissed now and the mess they get in

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Well said jojo - ditto - but it took at least a year to get over the urge to just have a quick beer...or two...or three...alright just one more....

Alcohol, you don’t half talk crap!

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It was really hard for me last New Years. I just wanted a few drinks with friends and a bit of a dance. I really miss that. But I didn’t have a drink though. I didn’t put myself in the situation to have a drink.

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Ah but did you have a dance bretto..

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I have never been much of a drinker even in my teens and twenties but I do resent that I don't have a choice anymore. I have had a bottle of Apperol which is three quarters full and it's been in the cupboard for the last 2 years and before my diagnosis it never crossed my mind to drink it but now I can't drink it.

I came across that in my thoughts recently about choice. I think what's most hard for me is not the lack of alcohol but the lack of the choice. It's one thing to be able to proudly say im hitting the gym and taking time off the drinks and another to say I'm stopping for the rest of my mortal life because it will kill me.not to. The latter just doesnt feel as good as the former.

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I feel exactly the same Phoenix. I've had some amazing times when drinking but at no point did I ever let it take over my life. Sure there have been times when I had more than I should have but it was always a case of keeping up with my mates rather than trying to drown my sorrows. Having the odd drink now for my kids' birthdays, new year, etc just doesn't feel right and it's not even enjoyable anymore so it looks like I will have to stick to my trusty sparkling water from now on...

I’m not sure about dry January...get to the end yippee binge binge now because I’ve been SUCH a good boy/girl...

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There's definitely a good point there Miles. For those who can still drink and are only going dry for the endurance test of it, many of them will reward the end of a dry January with a soaking wet February.

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I stoped as I went off it after EBV. I had finally got the hang of identifying a good red wine too lol. I will have one sip of the toast at a wedding, someone asked why if you dont drink? I said they need all the luck they can get! Not drinking will have a few benefits, money saved, a reduction in beer guts, women especially. It will also stop the age old dilemma - Never gone to bed with an ugly bugger but woke up with a few!You never know, some may actually enjoy being with it?

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Gave up alcohol in 1988 when I started driving. I had a choice- walk to the pub and have a drink, or drive and have no alcohol. I am basically lazy so the occasions for drinking weren't often. Then I realised I didn't really like the taste of alcohol much so I more or less gave it up altogether other than a glass of wine on special occasions. It wasn't until 2002 I was diagnosed with Liver disease- From NASH- nothing to do with alcohol at all. I went on to have a transplant last August. But it can get irritating when I know my brother and late husband drink very heavily and have never had liver problems. My brother is 70 next year and has been a drinker all his life. The confusions of life eh?

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