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ELF Test


Hi All. I have recently been reading a lot about the ELF test for detecting liver fibrosis and was wondering how accurate a diagnosis of fibrosis it gives (along with other tests of course)? Also I live in Belfast and was wondering if they do the test here? If not there are private lab kits you can buy that are sent off to a hospital lab for testing and I was wondering if my GP would mind the Nurse drawing the blood for the vial to be posted off to England? Thanks for any help.

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Hi Richard64,

I was reading you can send for a private ELF testing Kit from Labs on the mainland UK, but since I live in Northern Ireland I cant get a Nurse to draw the blood, do you think if I asked my G.P that he would allow my Medical Practice Nurse to draw the blood (all equipment included in the kit), with packaging for next day delivery to the mainland UK and availability to have the results and explaination sent to my G.P. Thanks for any help.

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