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Need help with liver Elastography results

I think/thought I was getting the fibroscan done but not sure. Can anyone make sense of this liver stiffness result since there's not many details?


Sonographic evaluation of the abdomen was performed using gray-scale imaging.


Elastography was performed. The average stiffness 1.36. No gallstones or

ductal dilatation. Common bile duct measures 3 mm. Pancreas and spleen

appear normal. Kidneys are normal in size with no hydronephrosis or

nephrolithiasis. The abdominal aorta inferior vena cava patent.


1. Unremarkable abdominal sonogram.

2. Elastography demonstrates stiffness of 1.36.

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Lots of medical technobabble on that report which appears more like a traditional ultrasound report rather than Fibroscan. Sorry but none of us are qualified to interpret elastography reports. There is a WIKI page which explains various ins and outs of that type of scanning. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elast... Hopefully you have a follow up appointment in the pipeline to discuss results with medical professionals.

From the obvious stuff on your report there is lots of 'normal' going on so that's good. a regards the stiffness reading this is totally different than the way Fibroscan presents its results.

Hope you get answers off medics very soon.



Hi Brett,

None of us here are qualified to interpret test results, and this forum has rules not to do so.

Having said that, all I'm seeing is 'normal' and 'unremarkable'. Your specialist should alert you if there's anything of clinical significance.


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Ya I've been searching the Internet all day and can't see how I could have a value of 1.36 for a transient elastography liver stiffness test. The lowest result possible from what I've read is 1.5.

I apologize about posting medical results, I just read that's a no no after I signed up and posted real fast.

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It could be an ARFI test it's similar to a fibroscan but also an ultrasound by my understanding but I would think it would state that on your results.

Take care


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Boon gets the prize! ARFI scale runs from 0.5 to 4.5 in a graph I saw searching for: arfi elastography fibrosis scale. Anything under 1.5 looks optimistic, but the fibrosis scale I found was for Hep-C. Don't know if different causes utilize different scales or not.

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