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Re decompensation


I’ve spoken to a few of you guys before and you’re really helpful but I’ve been back to my consultant and yet again she’s being really positive but at the same time telling me nothing, I’ve just turned 50 and want to live!!!! I’ve asked the question about lifespan and she just says well carry on as you are and it shouldn’t make a difference , she then laughed and said unless you get an infection like a kidney one but hey I could get one of them and I’d be floored too!!! I’ve changed from decompensated to compensated if that makes any difference????

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The fact your liver has gone from decompensated to a compensated state is great news. It now means your liver is much more stable and is coping with its most important jobs. My hubby is in the same boat, for a spell of 10 months he was actually on the transplant list but his liver stabilised and is now compensated. Ok he is far from 100% fit and his liver isn't doing everything it should but his life is currently not in immediate danger. His consultants and myself keep a close eye on him, he had regular 6 monthly consultations, blood test and ultrasound scans. He eats appropriately to maintain his weight and muscle and in the grand scheme of things is doing ok.

Keep doing what you are doing, eat well to maintain weight, muscle and fuel for energy. Make sure your consultants keep a good eye on you. Educate yourself about cirrhosis so that you can recognise any symptom which might indicate your liver is 'going off' and if so make sure you get to doctor. The British Liver Trust page on Cirrhosis and the one on living with liver disease are great for helpful information.

All the best, Katie

I could have written your story word for word Siouxs ie. .. my docs the same... I've gone from decompensation to comp... its great news etc etc oh but don't get an infection. .. I'm asking like what... she says kidney infection. .. but won't give me an answer what would happen if I did get one! It's v frustrating. .. One min it's oh you're doing brill, the next then when I mentioned the complete exhausted feeling I feel... I'm told oh that's part of it... I feel I can't win!

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