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Liver biopsy results -


Hi everyone, I finally have some news from my liver biopsy. I still don't have the letter, but by phone the Dr's secretary announced me that my cirrhosis is inactive, but they could not find the reason of my cirrhosis..

I have find out that it means I do not have inflammation, but I could not find more information about the meaning of inactive..

About the fact that they couldn't find the reason for my cirrhosis, I wonder if it is possible to... and if my cirrhosis becomes active what treatment I will have may they do not know the reason?

I hope you can help me with some advice cose I am in my way to move into Tenerife with my family and I am so worried about how I will be doing with so many things going on..

Thank you.

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Dear Monikoki,

The only person who is going to be able to give an answer to your questions is your doctor. It is possible that the hospital letter may give you more of an explanation but bearing in mind the fact that you are moving out of the country it is important that you discuss this with your doctor and make sure that you a) have appropriate followup arrangements in Tenerife b) take all the relevant documentation with you - hospital letters, results etc.


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OK, thanks for the reply.


I have sent you a private message Monikoki.

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