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Liver disease concerns update


Hi, for those of you that have read my other posts you’ll know I’ve had ongoing RUQ pain for several years with normal lft tests and ultrasounds.

I have just been to see a gastroenterologist who specialises in liver pain and he has suggested that it is almost certainty not my liver (based on the location, frequency of pain, etc) and more likely to be tissue or muscle related or even a small hernia. As a result I will have a musculoskeletal ultrasound with a referral to a pain specialist.

After a long conversation about my worries and concerns about liver disease he has also agreed to do a fibroscan which I am delighted but very nervous about.

So overall I am feeling more positive and a little less scared but realise there is still a lot of testing to go through before getting a diagnosis or getting a more definitive result on the state of my liver.

Thank you all for your support over the recent weeks and months.

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Would be interested to know the specifics of your URQ pain

in reply to Buckyuk1

You’ll find all the details in my other posts. I am not out of the woods by any means and it could still be liver related.

I just need to be patient and go through the range of tests over the next weeks

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