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Exercise liver pain


My liver pain has generally been getting slowly better with abstinence (and probiotics!) and I have been eating well and exercising a fair amount - at least 30 mins everyday - which has left me feeling better.

The last few times I’ve been to the gym and worked hard I get a pain in my whole liver area that seems to get better when I stop whatever I’m doing although it seems to linger for the rest of the day.

Does anyone recognise this? Perhaps it could be part of the healing process? Or signal worsening of a potential liver disease?

Any ideas?

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Abstinence is key, but I have to say, my liver team and nutritionist say a big no to probiotics. In fact I just read a study yesterday that the claims about them were false. Check with your doctor if you haven’t!

Good luck!


Hi farranccc,

My hubby is the one with liver disease, his doctor generally says if something is causing pain that one should pay attention to that and let the doctor know.

It might be that you are overdoing or it might be that exercise is not good for you - if it hurts you should probably stop that one and let your doctor know you are getting pain and what you are doing when it happens.

Best wishes,


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