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I have fibromyalgia which causes pain and fatigue and was diagnosed with cirrhosis in july this year. I am having a CT scan on Friday but don't as yet know what type of cirrhosis I have. There's a query about AI as I have previously had graves disease and am type 2 diabetic. I just have a couple of questions...when i had my ultrasound it showed no acites but the last few days I feel that my hands are a bit swollen and I've gained 5lb in 3 days!!! Also I just want to sleep all the time. I get up in the morning and very often feel the need to sleep again an hour later. I am terrified about the prospect of HE and worry that the sleeping is a sign of it. Advice please. Deb

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I have fibrosis form NAFLD. I think I may have also caused damage by taking vitamin A.

I was never diagnosed with acites and per US, CT and fibroscan im early stage fibrosis. I don't have jaundice or dark urine, but I had a lot of pale yellow stool which had improved most of the time with diet.

I started retaining water a few years ago. Sometimes my ankles would swell but mostly after a lot of walking. Eventually it was my hands. I was put on a diuretic for my BP but it didn't help the edema. My fingers looked like sausages.

Eventually my stomach got huge and I looked 8 months pregnant, which is why my dr ordered the scans. She also put me on Metformin. The first week on it I lost 10lbs. Now I'm down 35, and have plateued. I think most of the weight loss was water. Still, none of the scans or doctors diagnosed acites, and would I have it with only fibrosis?

I know it's not really and answer. I think it was acites and without a biopsy I'm not really sure that there's not more liver damage.

I've googled it and can't find answers. I hope you get an answer soon. Most definitely speak to your doctor. Good luck and keep us posted.


Hi Deb,

Can you get to your doctors this week and get them to assess you? If you are swollen, a doctor should examine you for oedema.

Best wishes


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Have you been to your drs? I have Nash with fibrosis from nafld. My Dr also thinks I might have diabetes, got to have another blood test at the end of the month

I looked it up and it said you are more likely to get diabetes if you have Nash with fibrosis!!!, My hubby said you don't want anything else to be put on your list!!!!, Love and hugs Lynne xxxx

Hi there

I have cirrhosis of the liver. It was found in 2009 during surgery. The diagnosis was confirmed and was quite scary. However it suddenly answered so many questions. One was water retention and the other was fatigue. I also have type 2 diabetes. Combined they will cause you to be extremely fatigued at times and yes the legs and ankles swell up. I recently had bariatric stomach bypass surgery which has helped me lose 7 stone in weight in 5 months. I had already been prescribed support stockings for my swollen legs and ankles and even though I have lost a lot of weight I still need to wear the stockings. What I'm trying to say is that both are symptoms of cirrhosis and diabetes. Please do get checked out but there are things you can do so mention both things to your consultant and they should come up with suggestions for helping both problems. I find that the stockings work for me and I adjust my day so that I can rest when I need to. My work place is very understanding and they do support me where they can. Don't let the symptoms control your life and keep family and friends informed so when you do get fatigued they will understand and will hopefully help when you need it. I have non alcoholic liver fatty cirrhosis so I quite openly tell people what I have and everyone has been helpful and positive in return.

Good luck and please don't worry too much.

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