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Scared and Not Sleeping

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On Wednesday I am seeing a gastro to check for liver damage. I was diagnosed with hypontremia (low sodium) and still not sure what is causing. I also have High B12 levels which can be indicative of liver problems. My bloodwork is normal, although on occasion my AST was a wee bit high. My last test was normal.

I was a drinker until a little over a month ago. I didn't drink to get drunk. I drank a glass of wine , occasionally two, to relax after a hard day at work. I am a teacher in a rough school and my job can get very stressful. I realize now I have been self medicating for years. I'm not sure if I am an alcoholic, but I definitely relied on it, which probably means I am. I know now that my drinking was very unhealthy and I am terrified of cirrhosis. I have Dr. Googled myself into a frenzy.

My general practitioner says my liver is fine, but reading on line that LFTs can be normal even with Cirrhosis has terrified me. So I am seeing a specialist Wednesday and getting his advise. I am so scared. I also feel absolutely mortified because there is such a stigma around the disease. How can I tell anyone?

I don't know what tests the gastro will do, or how long before I have an answer, but I do know one thing. Regardless of the results, my days of self medicating with alcohol are over. I quit.


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Yes the fear is awful. Did you get results?

I think it should give you great comfort that the technician says your liver is pretty( LOL ) and your blood tests are good too. I hope mine is pretty too. I started seeing a psychologist for last week and she put me onSertraline for anxiety. It takes a few weeks to kick in but I hope it will help. If my gastro rules out liver, I am going to be believe him. I hope my news is good.

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Hi Naaaaaa. I don't think you are addicted to alcohol at all. You have just got into the habit of reaching for the wine after a tough day at work. You just need to find an alternative "go to" to help you unwind. Read ? Go for a walk? Even jigsaw puzzles or the in thing is knitting .... even for olympians! Anyway whatever you choose to do make sure it's something you enjoy and won't cause damage to your precious internal organs. Try to avoid googling it will always give you worse case scenarios.

Have a good chat with your specialist, take on board all the advice and I'm sure he will help to put your mind at ease. Be honest about the amounts you were drinking... there is no stigma attached to it like there used to be so please don't worry l am sure you are fine.

Best wishes


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Thank you Laura. I will let you know how my appointment goes. Nan

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Hi Laura,Thanks again for your kind reply the other day. My appointment went well and my liver is just fine.

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Excellent news. Thanks for letting us know 😀👍

NO, you've had a multitude of tests costing thousands and thousands of pounds which you should have had feed back from doctors about. All have proved you have no cirrhosis. Doctors generally only look at the ast:alt ratio if either or both of the figures are significantly elevated (yours are normal) and they would look at it in conjunction with the raft of other tests you've had which all rule out cirrhosis. The ratio doesn't provide a diagnosis when taken in isolation.


NO ! Calm down or your worrying will kill you .

I understand your fear, it’s terrible but from what I’ve read on here over and over is that alt and ast have to be way out of range for this ratio to matter. Feel safe, you don’t have liver disease. Xxxxxxx

Hi worrysome

Iam waiting for an endoscopy, I’ve had one before years ago , Iam asking for sedation, it’s not being a baby , Iam murder at swallowing tablet let alone a thin tube !! And yes this one can look at your liver , that’s why my GP sending me for one.

Good luck


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They let you do an endoscopy without sedation, that sounds sadistic 👀👀

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VickiSpence in reply to Jay986

I've never heard of that. I was out cold and had an endo and colonosopy. Hopefully UK does this also. Nothing to be afraid of.

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My hubby was given the choice of having sedation or not. He chose not to... BIG mistake !! 2nd time had sedation ...... it was a breeze 🙂

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Cats2018 in reply to Deary63

I’ve ALWAYS been sedated when my Gastroenterologist does an endoscopic procedure. I didn’t think they would even consider doing the procedure without sedation. 😮

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Hi Cat Iam afraid they do like you to just have your throat sprayed to numb it , under Our NHS , but you can asked for sedation , which I will….

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Oh wow. I had not heard of that. I’m in the U.S. I wonder if they do that here too? I’ve had several EGD scopes down the throat but have always been sedated. (And that’s how I prefer it!) Yes, I would ask also!

Have you tried rehab or working the 12 steps?

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