Dear Sleep,

I am sorry! Please come back....I am sure we can sort out our’s not me that doesn’t love’s my Liver. Eviction notice had been served.....

I’m sure we can work things out....we were ever so compatible 😴.....

On a better no I hope your all

Doing wonderfully 💛 x

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  • Hi your sense of humour is great !! But not nice if you cannot sleep. Keep well

  • Thanks Ninie. I think in our situations you just have to keep things light. I think I’ve waited 12 months so anytime in the next 12 surely....🙂 x

  • Chelle, this sums it up so totally. In my sleepless nights I decided to make the most of it and snuggled up in front of my log burner with a book or my knitting, a bowl of cereal and several cups of tea. Contemplating the sleeping world. Hug. X

  • Hi Wendy, I'm presently doing an online course about "Liver Transplant". These courses are run by FutureLearn, and this particular course is compiled and features staff from the University at Birmingham and includes a lot of helpful video information by staff at the QE. This course is FREE, but you can pay and receive a certificate afterwards. I'm presently doing week two, but I don't think it's too late to sign up.

    I am now 14-months post and my operation was carried out at the QE, hence my interest. For further information please follow this link:

    Good Luck

  • Hi Richard. I registered for this course a couple of months ago, but thanks for the link. I am currently in week 2. It's really interesting to learn about the whole process in detail. I'm following "The Inns and Outs of LT" at the moment. There is another associated course starting in January which I plan to do as well. Congratulations on your transplant and I hope all is going well. Wendy.

  • I'm into week two as well. I've paid for the course and have the end of week exam to take. I think I need to go over those videos yet again before I attempt to give it a go. May I ask please where you had your transplant carried out?

  • I had my transplant at the QEHB, Birmingham. After the compulsive CCU stay I went into my own room. It had floor to ceiling windows all along 1 wall. From the 7th floor I could see right across Birmingham rooftops for miles. I never shut the blinds and watched the sun rise and set for my stay. The nurses joined me to watch for the Northern Lights one night.

  • Hi Wendy, I too had my transplant done at the QEHB, and have now found you on the FeatureLearn site too. I'm now going through the week two videos again as I'll be taking the end-of-week test later today.

    It must have been a wonderful view from your bedroom window. I had a shared room with 5 other guys. When I was able to get up, I used to walk to the lifts and sit in those chairs there looking out across the campus. I think that's when I truly understood just how precious life really is. I did a lot of reflecting and soul searching then. I think looking back, that transplant didn't just save my life, but also changed my whole perspective on a lot of things. One of those things is to no longer carry any bitterness in my heart.

  • Oh no, has it really come to this? Have you thought of seeing a sleep counsellor. maybe you can still sort this out. Many many years ago. I used to use self-hypnosis to put my body and mind to sleep. It's all about closing down parts of your body a part at a time. It may feel a little weird at first and it does help if you sleep alone. Just google "sleep relaxation self hypnosis".

    Failing that, you could always get hold of a copy of the brexit manifesto, you'll be asleep by page two I promise.

  • Ha ha. I use hypnosis tapes have done for about 4 years just my body doesn’t agree with them at times....I have tablets but I don’t take them often....

    I might check out that manifesto next time I struggle! 😂

  • I feel your pain lol I cannot get to sleep at night even tho I’m sooooooo tired! I’ve been unwell lately and think I’m afraid to 💤 sleep! Also had an ERCP recently and the gas/wind I suffer on going to bed is unbelievable

  • Hi chelle.. oh how i know what sleep deprivation is like. When i try to explain to other people not so much family they just dont understand how or why the liver causes sooo many issues .. i have had sleep therapy ☹. Just does not work .have a sleep nap when you can .thats what i have to do .

    Those 12 months have gone quick ! But i bet not so much to you. Fingers crossed not much longer xx

  • Sleep just visits me briefly. An elusive character. xx

  • Sleep. I remember that. Long time no see.

  • Can’t sleep = more time to eat Haribo

    Every cloud.

  • That well known ratio of haribo/sleep, I always ask in clinic what my ratio is as it’s a constant balancing act 🤣

  • I try to leave my balancing act for when I’m not eating Haribo.

  • Do you have a long pole and funny shoes for balancing? 😂

  • Rollerskates and I opt for a small red umbrella with yellow polka dots.

  • That’s a vision! Save that for the next book, a sleepless clown, a criminal and a traffic warden, history was about to be made! 😳😂

  • To sleep, perchance to dream-aye that’s the rub.....

  • My friend has liver cirrhosis and he often complains he can't sleep. Can anyone tell me why people with liver issues struggle to sleep? He is doing really great and acities has nearly gone :)

  • It just seems to be a very common symptom with cirrhosis - it is one of the key symptoms of Hepatic Encephalopathy therefore toxin build up might be a cause. Also the liver takes to do with all sorts of hormone regulation, temperature control and more and if it isn't working properly then all sorts of things combine to lead to sleep deprivation.

    It is one of my hubbies major symptoms together with chronic fatigue - he rarely gets a full nights sleep and will lie awake for long periods in the night. What is wierd is that his sleep never refreshes him and he will often have a better day with more energy and concentration after a night where he's barely slept ........... if he gets what he now classes as a long sleep night - perhaps managing a sleep till 5am he then actually often feels rotten and worn out and requires a day time nap (which he'll manage no bother) but those don't refresh either.

    It's often just part and parcel of having cirrhosis. :(


  • Thank you Katie. I think sometimes when you get a good sleep you feel worse because you need more of that, and you get used to functioning on less. If its to do with toxins I guess the cleaner the diet the better. My friend is doing really well on his healthy eating though. Its interesting about the temperature control too as he is always cold but we thought it was simply due to how thin he has become. Best wishes to you and your husband x

  • My God the more I read here the more I'm starting to realise how much trouble my liver is in, I haven't slept right in years and it rarely does me any good, I always feel tired and sluggish, I have to nap mostly in the evenings too, I just fall asleep for maybe an hour in the evenings and wake up groggy and almost worse than before.

  • I think if your concerned that you might have a problem with your liver then you really need to book an appointment with your GP. They can take things from there.

  • Thanks, I already had blood tests done, liver function isn't right is all they said, sent for ultrasound which was done last week, it showed Gallstones but written report isn't back yet so will see GP again then most likely, I'm very bloated too, feel like I swallowed a basketball.

  • Gallstones can have similar symptoms to liver issues. I wouldn’t make any assumptions until you have spoken to your GP. Stop googling stuff and wait for the answers.

  • Thanks, hopefully I'm just overthinking this, I do tend to worry a lot. How are you yourself?

  • Stop worrying. You can’t change what the scan has already picked up on not the news your going to get. Be sensible with diet and drink. I am ok. 13 months on the waiting list....doing as well as I can.

  • Thanks Chelle I really hope all goes well for you, I will hopefully hear some news soon. I have a lot to learn about proper diet, staying of drink and walking everyday will be no problem. I'm praying whatever damage I've done can be halted or maybe even reversed a bit with cleaner living. I've had a horrible year with health problems, hopefully 2018 will be better.

  • I'm struggling too sorry hunny its on zombie mode constantly xx

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