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I have been diagnosed with cirrhosis and varices in my spleen. I'm going for another liver ultrasound on Tuesday and the gastroenterologist has referred me for a ct scan and wants me to have a bone scan and the one one where you swallow the teeny tiny camera but I've no idea when they will be done. I am also type 2 diabetic and have lost 2 and a half stone since the beginning of January and have come off insulin. Someone suggested reading an article about the role of chromium in the diet of diabetics and I fancy trying them out. The contra-indications are that people with kidney issues shouldn't take them but there's nothing about liver disease. Do any of you with liver disease take chromium and if so is it safe?

Thanks in advance. Deb

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There have been cases of liver damage as a result of people taking chromium. Why risk taking something as an experiment that makes your kidneys and already damaged liver work harder?

Thanks for your reply. There was nothing in the contra-indications on the websites selling chromium which is why I asked for advice

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Hi bridesmum,

These are questions best answered by your own doctor. Your doctor knows all your issues and would be more apt to know what would be dangerous for you to take.

Best wishes,


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