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URQ Pain - Liver ?


Hi, new here. I have been experiencing Upper Right Quad. pain for 15+ years. Had sludgy gallbladder removed about 10 years ago and it seemed to relieve the pain for a year or so. Of course it came back and it has been in and out of my life ever since. Multiple visits to doctor and no relief. All liver function test come back fine. I did have an liver ultrasound and was told there was a bit of a "starry sky" appearance. The doctors did not believe this to be an issue. I average 1-2 beers daily. I cannot find a trigger for the pain from diet or drink. Any thoughts?

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Any alcohol can annoy your liver, maybe stop drinking on a daily basis and see if you still have as much pain.


I think it's highly likely that the daily consumption of beer is contributing to it.

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