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Need help nothing bad


I'm moving I want to get a removals that I can pay so the money goes to the liver trust ,if that can't be done then is there a firm do it for free on the basis I give the removal fee to the liver trust .im not pulling a fast one I would rather live in a doorway then where I am .And I giving up lifetime tenancy ,after20yrs, yes I'm moving out area and the woman has two little children and she have that security of the lifetime tenancy.

I'm not asking for nothing I just make me feel better paying a charity it's to hard to explain ?

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Why are you moving Faith, and where abouts in this fare land are you moving to?

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I was wondering just the same as you Richard. I am very worried about you Faithful

Please take care . Love and hugs Lynne xxxx

Faithfull in reply to Hidden

I've been worried about u as well xxx I be fine as soon as we leave here . Thanks Lynne I been low and cannot wait to be in another area away from here.

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