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Has the damage already been done?


Hello there, I am a 22 year old and I have been binge drinking quite heavily since about the age of 14. I've been in a lot of states where I black out and wake up not remember big chunks of my night. In recent years I have started waking up with pains in my arms and legs. Its a dull pain, sometimes a bit of throbbing. I got black out drunk the other night and after woke up with the same dull pain in my arm except I still have it now but its turned into a throbbing pain. Have I damaged my nervous system. Is it already too late to redeem myself?

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Nothing is ever too late, but you need to go to your GP to get checked out

Time you took your life in hand. You recognise you need help. Next step is to get it. Don’t put it off, don’t seek advice from forum sites. Go to your GP and be honest and open and they will help you. It is not too late. Just stop, evaluate, take corrective action. Live your life. It is up to you.


You really need to take a good hard look at your lifestyle. The way you are drinking will cause serious damage to all your major organs. You need to stop drinking now before any damage you may have already done becomes irreversible. You are very young and should be enjoying your life not drinking to the point of blacking out. You are playing with fire here.

It would be fair to say you could use some help with your inability to control these drinking habits, maybe some serious rehab and definitely a complete Physical just to get a good idea medically. But in the meantime stop the drinking and be honest to your Doctors


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