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Today I had a chance to forget about the family, and start a binge, I don't do these things to cause harm, but when it grips you you can't give in. Well today I won I didn't have that drink, I remain a "normal" part of society. My partner said you must be proud when ussualy I would spend time on my own, making friends with the power of alcohol, hmm I don't know I just feel that it's not a stigma to admit your weakness, I have a decompensated liver which will kill me, and I've got grandchildren I want to see grow up, I'm starting to see causes and consequences,.

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Fix the idea in your head why you want to survive(mines grandchildren) and stick with it. I was out of control drinking to the day I stopped. I called myself an alcoholic at first(but that’s not nice for the people your telling) . Now I just say I used to drink a lot!

I’m 19 months sober and still counting.

Keep being sober. Even one more could kill you in the long run. Sorry for being blunt but you need to face this and make your choice

Good luck


you have done so well u need to keep a focus in your head be it your grandchildren i have five and eldest 13 as they grow up the hugs get less but there need for u is more to give chats& confide its a sign of strenght to admit a prob and then do the right thing good luck with your journey xx


Well done, as another who has succumbed to the “power” of alcohol. I fully appreciate that internal battle that we have to deal with on a daily basis. I have remained clean and sober for over 15 years now and it is undoubtably the greatest thing I have ever done. I for one am happy to identify myself as a recovering alcoholic and I attend AA, not as often as I once did, but often enough to offer help and support to anybody that needs it. Once again we’ll done.



We all have weaknesses but your strength was being able to admit yours and taking up arms to fight against it. Keep up the good fight not just for your family ... for you! You are worth it!


Thanks, sometimes it gets really tough, my body doesn't need the drink, but my brain just wants to drink, it's so hard to struggle with this, I do have lapses and need to be on guard to stop these.


I feel your struggle but you are in a good frame of mind just now because you recognise the choices you need to make.

I read somewhere that you need 8 weeks to break any habit. Perhaps if you focus on small steps, the challenge might not seem so great.

I have non alcoholic liver disease but my father was an alcoholic and my uncles were heavy drinkers. I know what alcohol can do, it destroys relationships, it destroys your life. I don’t mean to sound judgmental because I know that this is an illness and it is not easy to combat but it can be done.

My father went to his grave with a bottle of Whisky in his hand. He felt that being 80 years old , he was too old to change ... I wanted him to have your clarity , I wanted him to enjoy his grandchildren, I wanted so much but it was out of my hands.

You are making good choices now and the rewards you will receive from your family will help you to overcome each hurdle. Please don’t stop trying, and if you should fall, dust yourself off and try again.

Take care!


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