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Post transplant rejection

My brother is 6 weeks post second transplant and was due to be discharged last week but his blood tests from the previous evening showed something wasn't quite right. At first they thought he had picked up an infection but have now ruled it out. They now think he is having rejection issues and have increased his medication. I would be interested to hear from anyone who has had this issue in the early stages and what we can expect. He is feeling well apart from having one day of feeling nauseous. It appears they now think the first transplant failed due to rejection after 20 months though his immuno suppressants were lowered quite a bit prior to this.

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Hi, my blood results to begin were good but 2 weeks post op one of my levels started going the wrong way which tbh was very scary, however my anti rejection drugs were increased. Unfortunately though not climbing so high they were still climbing and rejection was mentioned. Even more scary! I had lots of ultrasounds to check blood flow of my liver, another biopsy, this time via my neck as I had ascites post op too, an MRCP which is MRI without the dye and targets a special area rather than the whole body. The biopsy showed up a bile issue, the MRCP showed it was not a blockage thankfully and I was treated with bile salts for about 3 months and now my last results are within normal range. Having said all that I now think I’ve got an ascites issue again and feel rubbish just now and my recovery has been really slow.

I hope you brother is sorted as easily, but whilst his levels are off he really is better to stay in hospital. Very disappointing for him and I know what it’s like to have to stay as had 3 discharge dates cancelled but was discharged finally on the 4th date I was given. Take care xx


Hi Dawnejoy, thank you for your reply. It does look like the doctors are going to try him on a different anti rejection drug which they are confident will resolve the problem. It's scary for the family so I can't begin to imagine how scary it must be for the patients.

I hope your recovery continues and that the ascites can be treated quickly. I think everyone going through recovery deserves a medal.


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