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Post transplant complications

Hi, my brother had a second liver transplant 5 weeks ago after graft dysfunction. He has been recovering well and he was expecting to be discharged today or tomorrow. He has now told me that there was something wrong with his liver function from the blood test results, he's been put on antibiotics and is having an MRI scan today. I haven't been able to get any information as yet as to what is wrong and what it means going forward.

All I got from the doctor yesterday was that they were very concerned, but not to worry as the new liver is working much better than the first one.

Needless to say I am worried! Have any other transplant recipients experienced something similar since the operation?

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You would be surprised at how many people have issues within the first year of transplant... It could be something small but the surgeon's will always treat it as something big which is the best way to approach it as it's a huge operation for our bodies to go through... It's great news his second liver working better it means whatever the problem is they will surely be able to resolve with medication ... Our meds are tweaked a lot to get us as stable as possible πŸ™‚ I had scan upon scan and biopsies first six months post transplant

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Thanks for the reply. At the moment it looks like he has an infection though I don't know what kind or where yet. From reading on Google some of these are relatively common post transplant and others are more serious. Hopefully the antibiotics will be able to sort the problem, he's been through so much already these last 2 years.


Maybe cmv I have had it 3 times if the medication called vagiciliclour (spelling rubbish) then it's definitely cmv


They have mentioned CMV but he hasn't felt unwell apart from an off day. It looks like there are some signs of rejection so they have upped his immuno suppressants and are doing a biopsy to confirm this is the cause. Not sure what his results are but will hopefully find out when I visit.


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