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Post TX wound pain

Hi Everyone,

Tansplanted DBD at Kings in July 2017, 10 days in hospital, 3 months R&R at home. I'm back at work full-time, been on over-sea holidays and it's been transformational. Amazing.

Anyone still getting wound pain over 6 months after? Caught a cold over Xmas, and any sneezing was agony. Sneezing now always is sharp biting pain. At the gym, I notice I still have no core strength.

Is this usual? Any other experiences? It's not Hernia. GP and Ultrasound all confirm no Adhesions.

I'm guessing it will go. But anyone experience much pain around the wound area after 6 months?

Thanks Team

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Good morning,

Considering the enormity of the procedure wouldn't it be surprising if there was no after effects ?

I'm two years post and getting 'twinges' but nothing to worry about. I'm very active, three two hour table tennis sessions every week.

Your transplant is fairly recent and it sounds like your life is pretty much back to normal.

Give yourself more time and see how it goes before you get too concerned.



Am still waiting but wanted to say well done for doing what your doing it’s fantastic👍


Hi Fishwick,

What you describe sounds pretty familiar to me. I was still a bit sore after 6 months and certainly had very little core strength. Took about 9 months or so to be relatively twinge free but do still get the odd one or two.

So as Jim says, just give it a bit of time. It will eventually settle down.


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