TX to another liver unit

Hey hey, me again.

This is what happens when you give up work and you're bred sitting at home, you find others to waffle to. Lol

Anyway has anyone been listed at one hospital and then moved home and had to come under a new hospital?

I will potentially be doing this although speaking to Kings in theory I could just stay with them but it wouldn't be very practical. There seems to be a lot of ifs and buts and maybes and not sures.

Basically it looks as though when I move I would basically have to start the whole process again. Get reassessed at the new hospital. Relisted if they agree I need listing.

Has anyone had any experience of this?

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  • That does not sound like a good "move" (pardon the pun). I would imagine you'd be encouraged to stay with Kings, and personally I would do that even if it was inconvenient. The risk of not getting on the list after another assessment out ways all arguments about convenience in my view. Personally I'd avoid moving at all costs if it meant having to be re-assessed.

    When I visit Kings its a 250 mile round trip, and a whole day, and I've been doing it since transplant, and will continue to do so.

  • 250 miles would be just one way after the move. Ideally I'd like to stay at Kings. I feel comfortable there and confident in them. It's doable to stay with them, anything is doable if you're flexible enough.

    It's a head scratcher.

  • I just think the risks far out-way the inconvenience. Having said that, it may not be practical to do 250 miles when you get the call. I'd seriously reconsider moving.

  • Lol I can't believe I just messaged you asking what you was going to do and then I see this.... Typical x.

    If you would have to get reassessed at Leeds I wouldn't do it hunni I had to make a choice early last year about moving and physically, mentally and emotionally I couldn't of put myself through it all the move and then moving to a new hospital just would of been too much, also what is another 12-24 months when your going to be thriving afterwards, you need to concentrate on your well being at moment x

  • Yep that's right, there was a guy on my assessment with me and he has been listed at Leeds for 12 months and was moving down south so was relocating to Kings and had to go through the whole assessment again. The actually put him as a watch and wait because he had actually improved some what. Which was great for him....

    It's a tough decision to make, Steve and I maybe moving but because of where we maybe moving to I will remain with Kings.

    I hope your decision is one that's right for you.....also its nice to see your in a better place now than you were a few months ago!

  • Having, through my own choice, moved to the south, I am delighted with the outcome. From being on the urgent transplant list at St. James's for well over a year to being on a watch and wait list at Kings has given me a sense of future again. The 2 day assessment is nothing (in fact it's great to have a very full check up again) compared with being able to get on with my life. I know I will never be as well as I used to be, however the dark future is not so dark now. Whilst I am aware that under NHS Choices transplant patients can't choose which hospital they are treated at, with a permanent move to a different 'Catchment Area', it was a necessity. I was advised by many Doctors, Consultants and medical staff not to do it (one even said he had been doing the job 20 years and never known anyone do such a thing). Each person, each hospital and each case is different. All I can say is that I am delighted I did (not without difficulty) what I knew was right for me and that I am enjoying life as much as I am able.

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