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I was having fever for a week so I took azethromycin and paracetamol for week twice a day. Later I had my LFT ast was 102 alt was 145 and lacacate dehydrogenase 445 rest was normal and after a chest x Ray I was having throat infection too so my doctor gave medicine for throat and ursodiol for liver and told me not to worry everything is fine. I have taken the medicine for a week and I don't have any fever now nor I have loose motion or fatigue.

So how long will it take for my liver enzymes to be normal meanwhile I have avoided oily product completely

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No one here is medically qualified or allowed to comment on blood test results. However, it is important to know that the liver has 500 different jobs one of which is a vital role in helping fight infections in the body. So if this is a one off blip in your liver function tests and you have no previous known issue with your liver this rise in your liver numbers is probably to do with the fact it was 'fired up' to help fight off the infection which was causing your fevers & your throat infection. Whilst I can't answer any questions about how long your blood numbers will take to normalise it might be wise to get a repeat test in a couple of months just to see that they have done so.

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